CH&E - Midterm1

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  1. List 6 public health achievments
    • -acting on the social determinants of health
    • -control of infectious disease (santitation, vaccination, etc)
    • -family planning
    • -motor vehicle safety
    • -safer and healthier foods
    • -tobacco restrictions
  2. What are the 6 dimensions of health care quality?
    • -Safety
    • -Effectiveness
    • -Efficiency
    • -patient-centredness
    • -Timeliness
    • -Equity
  3. List 5 barriers to equity in health care
    • -geographic access
    • -availability (e.g. clinic hours)
    • -complexity of access (e.g. multiple services)
    • -affordability
    • -language
  4. List 5 solutions that can improve equity in health services
    • -geographically accessable settings
    • -multi-disciplinary teams
    • -Social support and more families in programming
    • -health literacy and language diversity
    • -Long-term sustainable programming in communities
  5. List some direct costs associated with health care
    • -Wages
    • -medications
    • -diagnostics
    • -equipment
  6. List some indirect costs associated with health care
    • -transportation
    • -missed work
    • -child care
    • -productivity
  7. Describe what disability life adjusted years (DALY's) are.
    • number of years of HEALTHY life lost due to disability, illness, or early death
    • -each illness and diability is given a weight from 0 to 1
    • -apply weights to years lived with disability and add the years of life lost
  8. List the 4 types of economic evaluation. Are the costs considered? Are the outcomes considered (if so, how?)?
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  9. What type of health care system does canada have with regards to payment and delivery of health care
    Payment: public mostly with a little bit of private (insurance and out of pocket)

    Delivery: private (e.g. fee for service)
  10. How would you describe the organization of most hospitals?
    private, not-for-profit organizations
  11. List the five principles of the Canada Health Act
    • Remember the "CUPPA" mnemonic with the giant cup of coffee
    • 1) Comprehensiveness
    • 2) Universality
    • 3) Portability
    • 4) Public Administration
    • 5) Accessibility
  12. List 4 causes of escalating health care costs
    • -Rising medication costs
    • -Increasing frequency of surgical procedures
    • -Inappropriate use of diagnostics
    • -Inappropriate use of emergency departments
  13. List and describe three commonly measured variables in health data.
    • 1) Demographics: population size, age, migration, etc
    • 2) Health Status: mortality/morbidity, self-rated health, life expectancy
    • 3) Health care utilization: Data sources include disease registries, hospital data, EMR's, surveys.
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