Community Policing Ch 11

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  1. are Crime and Drugs Linked?
    Crimes and drugs are clearly Linked.

    53% and 45% of state and federal prisoners are drug dependent or abuse drugs

    51% of Federal inmates and 18% of State prison inmates were serving time for drug offenses

    and 25% and 33% of federal and state inmates were under the influence when they committed their crime they are serving for
  2. what is the most commonly abused drug at all ages?
    Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug at all ages.
  3. What are the three core components of the national drug control policy?
    • The Three core components of the national Drug control strategy are:
    • 1)(Prevention)¬†Stopping drug use before it starts
    • 2)(Treatment) healing America's drug users
    • 3)(law enforcement efforts) Disrupting the market
  4. What strategies have been implemented to combat the drug problem in neighborhoods?
    include: Drug Raids, Surveillance, undercover operations, arresting sellers and buyers, and improving intelligence
  5. What type of drug market poses the greatest threat in apartment complexes?
    open Drug markets pose a greater threat than closed drug markets.
  6. what are two general approaches to address rave party's?
    Prohibition and Harm Reduction
  7. what is Lead on America?
    it is a citizen coalition that helps instruct and mobilize communities to partner with law enforcement throughout the country to combat drug problems
  8. What Federal Grant programs aimed specifically at the drug problem are available?
    Federal Assistance specifically aimed at the drug program is available through:

    • Bryne justice Assistance Grant
    • The Drug-Free Communities program
    • The Community policing program

    The Weed and seed program has been Defunded
  9. are crime, drugs, and the American Dream Related?
    Crime, Drugs, and the American Dream are integrally related.

    in fact, a drug problem may be the result of the American Dream for many people.
  10. How do Conservative and Liberal crime control Strategies differ?
    The Conservative Camp traditionally wages war on crime and drug

    The liberal Camp wages war on poverty and inequality of opportunity
  11. Vocab: Gateway theory
    Teaches that milder illicit Drugs - Such as marijuana - lead directly to experimentation with and an addiction to hard drugs - such as crack and heroin
  12. Vocab: Binge Drinking
    five or more drinks in a row at least once during the previous 2 weeks
  13. Vocab: open Drug Market
    Dealers sell to all potential customers, eliminating only those suspected of being police or some other threat.
  14. Vocab: Closed Drug market
    Dealers Sell only to people they know or who are vouched for by other buyers
  15. Vocab: Rave
    A dance Party with fast-paced electronic music, light shows, and use of a wide variety of drugs and alcohol.
  16. Vocab: Conservative Crime Control
    Comes Down hard on crime; wages "war" on crime and Drug.
  17. Vocab: Liberal Crime Control
    Emphasizes correctional policies and broader social reforms intended to expand opportunities for those "locked out" of American Dream; Wages "war" on poverty and inequality of opportunity.
  18. Vocab: Conservative Crime Control
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