Therapeutic Play---Hospitalized children

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  1. Infants (Birth - 1 year of age) p.1094, London
    • Mobiles, mirrors, music, sing lullabies, talk to infant
    • Parents and family are encouraged to cuddle or rock infant
  2. Toddler (1-3 years of age) p1094 London
    • Hide and seek 
    • Peek a boo
    • Repetition of stories
    • Measuring cups and spoons
    • wooden puzzles
    • building blocks 
    • push and pull toys
    • Transitional objects-familiar blanket and stuff animal
  3. Preschoolers (3-6 years of age) p.1094,1095, London
    • Use doll or body to reduce fears or fantasies of bodily harm
    • crayons
    • coloring books
    • books
    • recorded stories
    • puppets
    • magnetic boards
    • play dough 
    • ***Preschoolers and older children enjoy animal assisted therapy
  4. School age (6-12) p 1095,1096 London
    • Use drawings to express fears
    • collecting and organizing objects
    • Games
    • books
    • puzzles
    • school work
    • crafts
    • tape recording
    • computers
    • **some school age children tend to regress to earlier stages
  5. Adolescents
    • Peers are important
    • Encourage telephone contact with other teenagers and visits from friends

    • Pool table, video games, computers
    • Interactions with other teens
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Therapeutic Play---Hospitalized children
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Therapeutic play hospitalized children

Infants, toddlers, preschools, school age and adolescents learn and express their feeling while hospitalized through different types of toys such as building blocks, push and pull toys (ex: Toddler)....
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