English Vocabulary 13 nov 2013

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  1. Affirm
    Noun- Affirmation
    Adjective- Affirmative
    • 1. to state something is true,
    • 2. to publicly support any opinions
  2. Intimidate

    • Verb
    • to frighten or threaten someone for  to persuade them that you want to do that

    They are intimidating  the sutduents

    They were intimidated into accepting the particular opinions
  3. cynical or cynicism

    believing that people are selfish

    I am very cynical about the politicians 

    He is often accused of cynicism for  politics
  4. Corrosive
    • Adjective
    • 1. If a substance is corrosive it means that it can cause the danger
    • 2. harmful

    there is lot of corrosive cynicism towards politics  in corrosive  metropolitan area.
  5. Rampant
    • Adjective
    • Getting worse quickly and uncontrolled

    During sept and dec Dangue rampant in Delhi every year
  6. rousing
    • Adjective
    • making someone excited and ready to take action
    • Swami vivkekanada rousing views make us young
  7. appraisal
    When you examine someone qualities and progress

    Job appraisal.

    An appraisal committee
  8. prominence  
    • noun
    • become well known and important

    • prominent :- very important  and well known adjective
    • Mr. Modi becomes prominence during these days in our country
  9. Interim 
    In the Interim
    • Adjective
    • Temporary, which can do action until rest permanent solutions is not achieved 

    Interim government 

    In the interim, we have to exercise
  10. pitch
    • VERB(various meaning)
    • persuade someone to do something

    Virat kohli is pitching the peoples for votes
  11. confetti
    tiImage Upload
    small pieces of coloured paper which you throw at a celebration, especially over two people who have just been married
  12. Lull :-opposite of rousing
    a lull before the strom(Idiom)
    lull into something
    cause someone to feel calm

    opposite to rousing 

    BJP candidate are lull during the election
  13. at bay or hold bay
    to prevent  someone or something to harm you

    First list of congress try to keep rebellion at bay
  14. point of no return
    a point in discussion which is irreversible.

    They are fighting each other upto such extant that they reached a point of no return
  15. die down
    to become less common and finally stop existing

    It was before several minutes before the applause going die down
  16. slay  or slain(verb form) slaying
    • slaying = a murder
    • slay      = to kill someone in violent way
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