Fund Of Comm

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  1. Acknowledgement
    The second of three levels of interpersonal confirmation. Acknowledgment communicates that have heard and understand another's feelings and thoughts.
  2. Closeness in Dialogue
    Interpersonal closeness created through communication
  3. Closeness in the Doing
    Interpersonal closeness created by doing things with and for others
  4. Conflict
    Among people who depend on each other, the expression of different views, interests, and goals and the perception of these differences as incompatible or as opposed by the other
  5. Convert Conflict
    Conflict that is expressed indirectly.
  6. Endorsement
    The third of three levels of interpersonal confirmation. Endorsement communicates acceptance of another's thoughts and feelings; not the same as agreement
  7. Interpersonal Climate
    The overall feeling between people, shaped by communication
  8. Overt Conflict
    Conflict expressed directly and in a straightforward manner
  9. Recognition
    The most basic kind of interpersonal confirmation. Communicates awareness that another person exists and is present
  10. Self-Disclosure
    The sharing of personal information that others are unlikely to discover in other ways
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