AP US History Key Terms

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  1. Candian Shield
    Zone undergired by ancient rock
  2. Nation-states
    Dense population, cities such as Aztecs
  3. Cahokia
    Mississippian settlement, held almost 25,000 people
  4. Three sister farming
    Beans growing on trellis of cornstalks, squash covering planting mounds to retain moisture
  5. Middleman
    Often Muslim transport from source to consumer
  6. Caravel
    Ship that could sail closer to the wind
  7. Plantation system
    From Portugese in Africa based on large scale commercial agriculture explotation of slave labor
  8. Treaty of todesillas
    Spain secured claim to "Columbus Discoveries"
  9. Conquistadores
    In service of God, and search of gold they spread across Carribean/America
  10. Noche Triste
    30 June 1520 Aztec attacked
  11. Mestizos
    Mix of Indian-European heirtage
  12. Battle of Acoma
    Part of the war on Pueblo people, each survivor had a foot severed
  13. Pope's Rebellion
    Uprising of Indians provoked by missionaries
  14. Black ledgend
    Concept that conquerors killed, maimed, stole, tortured Indians leaving nothing but misery behind.
  15. Protestant Reformation
    Inspired by conflict with Catholic Church 1530s.
  16. Roanoke Island
    Where Sir Walter Raleigh 1st landed in America
  17. Spainish Armada
    Beginning of end of imperial dreams. When they tried to defeat England
  18. Primogeniture
    Only eldest sons inheirited land estates
  19. Joint-stock company
    Forerunner of modern corporations
  20. Charter of Virginia Company
    Guarranteed overseas travelers same rights as in England
  21. Jamestown
    First successful English settlement
  22. 1st Anglo-Powhatan War
  23. 2nd Anglo-Powhatan war
  24. Barbados slave code
    Denied all rights to slaves 1661
  25. Tuscarora War
    North Carolina won, sent Indians to slavery
  26. Yamasee Indians
    4 years later defeated/dispersed
  27. Predestination
    Calvinist doctrine that God has foreordainedsome people to be saved and some to be damned. Though their fate was irreversible
  28. Conversion
    Intense religious experience that confirmed an individual’splace among the “elect,” or the “visible saints.”
  29. Separatists
    Against fraternizing of "visible saints" with dammed sinners
  30. Mayflower compact
    Agreement to form a crude government/submit majority's rule under agreed upon regulations
  31. Massachusetts Bay colony
    Well equiped expedition
  32. Great migration
    1630's ~70,000 left England
  33. Fundamental Orders
    Modern constitusion/document, its regime was controlled substantially by citizens (democracy)
  34. Pequot War
    War between colonists and Pequot tribe, almost annihilated
  35. King Phillip's War
    Series of assaults by Metacom, KingPhilip, on En glish settlements in New En gland. The attacks slowedthe westward migration of New En gland settlers for severaldecades.
  36. English Civil War
    Armed conflict between royalistsand parliamentarians, resulting in the victory of pro-Parliamentforces and the execution of Charles I.
  37. Dominion of New England
    London crontrolled, aimed at bolstering colonial defense
  38. Navigation laws
    Series of laws passed, beginning in 1651, to regulatecolonial shipping; the acts provided that only En glish shipswould be allowed to trade in En glish and colonial ports, and thatall goods destined for the colonies would first pass throughEngland
  39. Glorious/bloodless revolution
    Dethroning of James II Throning of William II
  40. Saluatory Neglect
    When the monarchs relaxed their grip on America's colonial trade
  41. Patroonships
    Feudal estates fronting the Hudson River
  42. Blue Laws
    sumptuary laws, they are designed torestrict personal behavior in accord with a strict code of morality.Blue laws were passed across the colonies
  43. Head Right system
    Gave masters of indentured servants right to 50 acres of land
  44. Bacon's rebellion
    Uprising of Virginia backcountry farmersand indentured servants led by planter Nathaniel Bacon; initially aresponse to Governor William Berkeley’s refusal to protect backcountrysettlers from Indian attacks, the rebellion eventually grewinto a broader conflict between impoverished settlers and theplanter elite.
  45. Royal African Company
    En glish joint-stock company thatenjoyed a state-granted monopoly on the colonial slave tradefrom 1672 until 1698. The supply of slaves to the North Americancolonies rose sharply once the company lost its monopoly privileges.
  46. Middle Passage
    Slave transport from Africa to U.S
  47. New York Slave revolt
    1712 9 whites died 21 blacks executed
  48. South Carolina slave revolt
  49. Stono River
  50. Congregational Church
    Democratic church government
  51. Jermiad
    From jeremiah prophet, focused on waning piety
  52. Halfway covenant
    Agreement allowing unconverted offspringof church members to baptize their children. It signified awaning of religious zeal among second and third generationPuritans.
  53. Leister's rebellion
    Armed conflict between aspiringmerchants led by Jacob Leisler and the ruling elite of New York. Oneof many uprisings that erupted across the colonies when wealthycolonists attempted to recreate European social structures in theNew World.
  54. Paxton Boys
    Armed march on Philadelphia by Scotts-Irishfrontiersmen in protest against the Quaker establishment’s lenientpolicies toward Native Americans
  55. Regular Movement
    Eventually violent uprising ofbackcountry settlers in North Carolina against unfair taxation andthe control of colonial affairs by the seaboard elite
  56. Triangular Trade
    Exchange of rum, slaves, and molasses betweenthe North American Colonies, Africa, and the West Indies. A smallbut immensely profitable subset of the Atlantic trade
  57. Arminianism
    Individual free will determined fate
  58. Great awakening
    Religious revival
  59. Old lights
    Orthodox religious
  60. New Lights
    Defended awakening
  61. Poor Richard's Almanack
    Pithy sayings
  62. Zenger Trial
    New York libel case against John PeterZenger. Established the principle that truthful statements aboutpublic officials could not be prosecuted as libel
  63. Huguntos
    Catholic/Protestant conflicts
  64. Edict of Nantes
    Granted limited tolerance to French Protestants
  65. Coureurs de bois
    Runners of the woods fur trappers
  66. Voyageurs
    Recruited Indians for fur trade
  67. King Williams War
    Early contest for America
  68. Queen Anne's war
    Early contest for America
  69. War of Jenkin's ear
    Small-scale clash betweenBritain and Spain in the Caribbean and in the buffer colony,Georgia. It merged with the much larger War of Austrian Successionin 1742
  70. King George's War
    North American theater ofEurope’s War of Austrian Succession that once again pitted Britishcolonists against their French counterparts in the North. The peacesettlement did not involve any territorial realignment, leading toconflict between New En gland settlers and the British government
  71. Acadians
    French residents of Nova Scotia, many of whom wereuprooted by the British in 1755 and scattered as far south asLouisiana, where their descendants became known as “Cajuns.”
  72. French and Indian Wars
    Fourth Anglo-French struggle in America
  73. Seven years war
  74. Albany Congress
    Intercolonial congress summoned by theBritish government to foster greater colonial unity and assureIroquois support in the escalating war against the French
  75. Regulars
    Trained professional soldiers, as distinct from militia orconscripts.
  76. Battle of Quebec
    Historic British victory over Frenchforces on the outskirts of Québec. The surrender of Québecmarked the beginning of the end of French rule in North America
  77. Pontiac's uprising
    Siege to Detroit all but 3 British posts over run, 2K soldiers/settlers killed
  78. Republicanism
    Political theory of representative government,based on the principle of popular sovereignty, with a strong emphasison liberty and civic virtue.
  79. Radical wings
    British political commenters
  80. Mercantillism
    Justified control of colonies undersĀ a belief of wealth=power
  81. Admiralty courts
    No juries allowed
  82. 1765 stamp act
    27 deligates from 9 colonies came to New york to debate rights
  83. Non importation agreements
    Boycotting British goods, gave people new chacne to participate in rebellion
  84. Sons/Daughters of liberty
    Spiritedly enforced rebellion
  85. Association
    Complete boycott of British goods
  86. Valley Forge
    Rebel camp
  87. Lexington and Concord
  88. Second continental congress
    Representative body of delegates from all 13 colonies Drafted Declaration of Independance and managed colonial war efforts.
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