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  1. Climate Communication
    One of three constructive forms of participation in group decision making. Climate Communication focuses on creating and sustaining an open, engaged atmosphere for discussion
  2. Cohesion
    Closeness among members of a group
  3. Egocentric Communication
    An unconstructive form of group contribution that blocks others or calls attention to oneself
  4. Group
    Three or more people who interact over time, are interdependent, and follow shared rules of conduct to reach a common goal.
  5. Groupthink
    The cessation of critical, independent thought on the part of a group's members about ideas generated by the group.
  6. Individualism
    A strongly held Western value that views each person as unique and important and recognizes individual activities and achievements
  7. Norm
    An informal rule that guides how members of a group or culture think, feel, act, and interact.
  8. Power
    The ability to influence others
  9. Procedural Communication
    One of three constructive ways of participating in group decision making. Procedural Communication orders ideas and coordinates the contributions of members
  10. Social Climbing
    The attempt to increase personal status in a group by winning the approval of high-status members
  11. Synergy
    A special kind of energy in groups that combines and goes beyond the energies, talents, and strengths of individual members
  12. Task Communication
    One of three constructive forms of participation in group decision making focuses on giving and analyzing information and ideas
  13. Team
    A special kind of group characterized by different and complimentary resources of members and a strong sense of collective identity. All teams are group but all groups are not teams
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