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  1. Lice - 

    What are the 2 type of lice
    • Head Louse
    • Pubic Louse
  2. Vector for typhus is:
    R. prowazekii
  3. Vector for trench fever is:
    R. quintana
  4. Vector for relapsing fever is:
    B. recurrentis
  5. Differentiate Head & pubic louse
    • Head longer
    • Pubic shorter
  6. Lice life cycle
    • Hatch
    • Nymp
    • Mate
    • Hatch

    Diagnostic is Nit (the egg case of the louse)
  7. Xenopsylla cheopis - FLEA

    What is this a vector of?
    plague in most epidemics in Asia, Africa, & S. America, & in US
  8. Oropsylla spp - flea

    Affects what and is a vector where?
    prairie dogs, squirrel like mammals

    Vector for plague in USA
  9. Argasid - Soft Tick

    Is seen mostly where
  10. Ixodes - hard tick
    Deer Tick: Main vector lympe diseae

    I. pacificus tick from west coast
  11. Dermacentor variabilis is what & a vector for what?
    Dog tick

    • Vector for:
    • Rocky mountain spotted fever
    • Tularemia
  12. Mosquitoes transmit what?

    *name some
    • West nile
    • LaCrosse encphalitis (found in Ohio)
    • dengue, yellow fever,hearworm
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