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  1. what is the part of the foot that is facing the ground called?
    plantar surface
  2. what is the part of the foot that is facing superiorly called?
  3. what is the deep fascia of the foot called?
    plantar fascia
  4. what does the plantar fascia do? (3)
    -holds foot together

    -helps to protect the plantar surface

    -helps to support the arches of foot
  5. which is the only muscle that is on the dorsum side of the foot?
    extendor digitorum brevis
  6. which nerve inenrvates the muscle on the dorsum side of the foot?
    deep fibular nerve
  7. extensor digitorum brevis) origin (2)
    upper and lateral sides of calcaneus
  8. extensor digitorum brevis) inserts (2)
    • -base of the proximal phalanx of the great toe
    • *extensor hallucis brevis

    -remaining toes in the extensor expansion hood 2-5
  9. extensor digitorum brevis) innervated
    deep fibular nerve
  10. extensor digitorum brevis) action
    extend toes 1-4
  11. whats the tendon/muscle to the big toe called? (extensor digitorum brevis)
    extensor hallucis brevis
  12. what are the 3 muscles on the first layer?
    -abductor hallucis

    -flexor digitorum brevis

    -abductor digiti minimi
  13. what are the 2 muscles on the second layer?
    -quadratus plantae

  14. what are the 3 muscles on the 3rd layer?
    -flexor hallucis brevis

    -adductor hallucis

    -flexor digiti minimi brevis
  15. which 2 muscles are on the 4th layer?
    -plantar interrosei

    -dorsal interrossei
  16. whcih 2 nerves does the tibia nerve divide into as it innervated the foot?
    -medial plantar nerve

    -lateral plantar nerve
  17. whcih 2 groups does the medial plantar nerve innervate?

    -medial muscles
  18. which 2 groups of muscles does the lateral plantar nerve innervate?

    deep muscles
  19. abductor hallucis) origin (2)
    -medial process of calcaneal tuberosity

    -flexor retinaculum
  20. abductor hallucis) inserts
    • -base of the proximal phalanx of great toe
    • *it combines with the tendon of flexor hallucis brevis
  21. abductor hallucis) innervated
    medial plantar nerve
  22. abductor hallucis) action (2)
    -abducts the toe

    - flexes the toe
  23. where does the abductor hallucis lie in the foot?
    along the medial border of the foot
  24. flexor digitorum brevis) origin
    medial process of tuberosity of calcaneous
  25. flexor digitorum brevis) inserts
    lateral sides of middle phalanges 2-5
  26. flexor digitorum brevis) innervatd
    medial plantar nerve
  27. flexor digitorum brevis) actions
    assists in flexing toes
  28. which muscle biforcates in order to let a muscle go through to the distal phalanges?
    flexor digitorum brevis
  29. abductor digiti minimi) origin
    tuberosity of calcaneous
  30. abductor digiti minimi) inserts
    lateral side of the proximal phalanx of small toe
  31. abductor digiti minimi) innervated
    lateral plantar nerve
  32. abductor digiti minimi) action (2)
    -abducts and

    -flexes the small toe
  33. where does the abductor digiti minimi lie on the foot?
    lateral border of the foot
  34. (quadratus plantae-flexor accessorius) origin (2)
    medial and lateral sides of calcaneus
  35. (quadratus plantae-flexor accessorius) inserts
    tendon of flexor digitorum longus in midsole
  36. (quadratus plantae-flexor accessorius)innervated
    lateral plantar nerve
  37. (quadratus plantae-flexor accessorius) action
    straightens out the oblique pull of flexor digitorum longus
  38. lumbricals) origin
    medial side of tendon flexor digitorum longus
  39. lumbricals) inserts
    medials side of the extensor expansion on proximal phalanx of 2-5
  40. lumbricals) inervated (2)
    -first lumbrical: medial plantar nerve

    -3-5 lumbricals: lateral plantar nerve
  41. lumbricals) action (2)
    -flex the proximal interphallengeal joints

    -extend the middle and distal phalanges of toes 2-5
  42. flexor hallucis brevis) orgin
    -cuboid and lateral cuneiform
  43. flexor hallucis brevis) inserts
    base of the proximal phalanx of the great toe
  44. flexor hallucis brevis) innervated
    medial plantar nerve
  45. flexor hallucis brevis) action
    helps to flex the proximal phalanx of the big toe
  46. whcih tendon separates the flexor hallucis brevis?
    tendon of the flexor hallucis longus
  47. how many heads does the flexor hallucis brevis have?
    • 2
    • *medial and lateral
  48. adductor hallucis) Oblique head- origin (2)
    -base of the metatarsal 2-4 

    -fibularis longus tendon sheath
  49. adductor hallucis) Oblique head- insert
    lateral side of base of the proximal phalanx of the big toe
  50. adductor hallucis) Oblique head- innervated?
    lateral plantar nerve
  51. adductor hallucis) Oblique head- action (2)
    -helps to adduct the great toe

    -flexing the great toe
  52. adductor hallucis) transverse head- origin
    off the metatarsal transverse ligament of the toes
  53. adductor hallucis) transvers head- insert
    lateral side of the base of the proximal phalanx of great toe
  54. adductor hallucis) transvers head- action (3)
    -helps to adduct the great toe

    -flex the great toe\

    -helps maintain transverse arch of the foot
  55. what muscle is medial to the abductor digiti minimi?
    flexor digiti minimi brevis
  56. flexor digiti minimi brevis) origin (2)
    -base of the 5th metatarsal

    -shaft of the fibularis tendon
  57. flexor digiti minimi brevis) inserts
    • -lateral side of the proximal phalanx of little toe
    • *its tendons fuses with adductor digiti minimi
  58. flexor digiti minimi brevis) innervated
    lateral plantar nerve
  59. flexor digiti minimi brevis) action
    help to flex the little toe
  60. plantar interossei) origin
    off the base and medial sides of metatarsals 3,4,5
  61. plantar interossei) inserts
    medial side of the base of proximal phalanges 3,4,5
  62. plantar interossei) innervated
    lateral plantar nerve
  63. plantar interossei) action (3)
    -adducts the toes 3,4,5 toward the axis (second toe)

    -flex the proximal toes

    -extend the middle, distal phalanges 3,4,5
  64. dorsal interossei) origin
    bipennate muscles attaching to adjacent sides of metatarsals 1-5
  65. dorsal interossei) insert (2)
    -proximal phalanx of both sides of second toe

    -lateral side of the 3rd and 4th
  66. dorsal interossei) innervated
    lateral plantar nerve
  67. dorsal interossei) action (3)
    -abducts the toes away from axis

    -flex proximal phalanx

    -extend of middle and distal phalanx of 2,3,4
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