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  1. Because coding info is revised annually medical assistants responsible for coding should

    A attend at least one CPT class each year
    B attend at least one ICD-9 class eery 2 years
    C attend at least one ICD-9 and one CPT class every 2 years
    D attend at least one CPT and one ICD-9 class each year
    E Review codes in their spare time, there is no need to attend classes
  2. How many digits are assigned to the primary code in the CPT coding system?

    A 2
    B 3
    C 4
    D 5
    E 6
  3. Which of the following sections of the CPT book refers to evaluation and management?

    A 00100-01999
    B 70010-79999
    C 80000-89399
    D 90701-99199
    E 99201-99499
  4. According to the CPT, when a health care claim for the removal of a melanoma is coded, the code should be listed under which of the following body systems?

    A Respiratory
    B integumentary
    C digestive
    D endocrine
    E cardiovascular
  5. The ICD-9-CM codes for classifying the causes of injuries, poisonings, or adverse drug reactions are?

    A E codes
    B M codes
    C G codes
    D V codes
    E J codes
  6. The medicare level ll codes are included in which of the following?

    A resource based relative value scale
    B CPT
    C Diagnosis related groups
    D ICD-9-CM
  7. Which of the following is a diagnostic coding system that is used to code morbidity?

    A Physicians desk reference
    C resource based relative value scale
    D ICD-9-CM
    E CPT
  8. ICD-9-CM codes are revised, expanded, and refined annually to ensure?

    A specificity of disease
    B speed of claims processing
    C bundling of codes
    D accuracy of insurance claims
    E accuracy of diagnosis
  9. Which of the following is indicated by a triangle placed before a CPT code?

    A a code has been deleted
    B a new code has been added
    C a code description has been changed or modified
    D a procedure is not subject to the surgical package concept
    E multiple procedures have been performed
  10. Which of the following is a coding system used by medicare providers to report supplies and injections?

    A relative value scale
    B resource based relative value scale
    D ICD-9-CM
    E diagnosis related groups
  11. When using ICD-9-CM codes which of the following will occur when the fourth and fifth digits are omitted?

    A faster payments
    B claim denials
    C third party downcoding
    D third party up coding
    E increased payments
  12. Which of the following ICD-9-CM codes indicates the cause of an accident?

    A V14.6
    B J1772
    C E811.0
    D J49999
    E V18.8
  13. Changing a code to one you know the insurance company will pay for is called?

    A double billing
    B unbundling
    C coding for packaging
    D coding for coverage
    E supporting documentation
  14. Which of the following is the most important factor in coding?

    A level of codes
    B quantity of codes
    C accuracy of codes
    D speed of coding process
    E Knowledge and understanding of medical term
  15. Which of the following is a coding sysem used to document the procedure for suturing a laceration?

    A relative value scale
    B resourse based relative value scale
    C diagnostic related groups
    D International classification of diseases
    E Current procedural terminology CPT
  16. A two digit modifier attached to the five digit CPT code indicates?

    A the severity of the patients illness
    B the time services were performed
    C a service or procedure has been altered
    D a surgical procedure was performed
    E where services were performed
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