Tactics and Strategies

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  1. NFPA for NIMS?
  2. Are essential to good decision making?
    Good communications
  3. What are the 3 command options?
    • Investigation
    • Fast Attack
    • Command
  4. Allow ops to continue while IC devolops Incident Action Plan.
  5. _______ is critical to firefighter safety
    Strong Command Presence
  6. _________ cannot be delegated, but ____can be delegated
    Responsibility cannot be delegated, but authority can be delegated.
  7. Span of control (Tactics Book)
    3-7, 5 rule of thumb
  8. Apparatus without staffing are
    Out of service and not staged
  9. Always staffed in NIMS?
    Incident Commander
  10. Command Staff
    • Incident Safety Officer
    • Liaison Officer
    • Public Information Officer
  11. Used when jurisdictional boundaries are crossed?
    Unified Command
  12. Deciding the proper course of action with limited information in a relatively short period of time?
    Recognition primed decision making (RPD)
  13. Decisions made within the time and information constraints?
    Rational decision making
  14. What is the difference between a division and a group?
    A division is in charge of a geographical area. A group is in charge of a function.
  15. Can be used in place of divisions and groups but are not recommended as a way to initially reduce the span of control?
  16. What are two other ways to reduce the span of control and what is the difference between the two?
    • Strike team and task force. 
    • A strike team must be the same resource type while a task force can be a combination of resources.
  17. _________ are more flexible and likely to be formed at the incident.
    Task force
  18. Operations section is capable of controlling ___ companies with a span of control of 5 to 1. At 7 to 1 span of control, a total of ____ companies can be controlled.
    • 625
    • 2401
  19. Use ___ rather than ___ assignments whenever possible to improve communications.
    geographic rather than functional
  20. Same type of resources; used to organize large number of mutual aid companies
    Strike Teams
  21. Different resources; more likely to be formed at the incident
    Task Force
  22. For operations beyond the span of control of a single division or group
  23. ______ is the first step in size up. ______ is the second step.
    • Establishing SOPs is the first step
    • Pre-incident planning is the second step
  24. What is crucial for effective strategies and Incident action plan
    Proper size-up
  25. NFPA for Preplans
    NFPA 1620
  26. Three types of pre-plans:
    • Complex- 3 or more buildings
    • Formal- large loss of life or property
    • Notation- Special risks to firefighters
  27. Hazardous Materials Planning mandated by___
    Title 3 of SARA
  28. Important considerations in pre-plans
    Type, Age, and current usage
  29. Collapse zone=
    1 1/2 times the height of the building
  30. One person is designated as the overall IC
    Single Command
  31. Pramary factors for size-up are related to?
    Life Safety
  32. Two types of wood frame construction:
    Balloon-frame and Platform
  34. Types of Construction:
    • Type 1: Fire Resistive
    • Tyoe 2: Non-combustable
    • Type 3: Ordinary
    • Type 4: Heavy Timber
    • Type 5: Wood
  35. Types of Occupancies: NFPA
    • 1) High-hazard
    • 2) Medium-hazard
    • 3) Low-hazard
    • 4) Rural
  36. Process of weighing risks against benefits?
    Risk-vs-benefit analysis
  37. Time from ignition to flashover varies depending on?
    Load, ventilation, and compartments size
  38. The area between a ___ and ___- is a common concealed space for fire to hide
    Suspended ceiling and the roof-ceiling
  39. Maintaining company unity improves ___ and ___
    Safety and accountablity
  40. ____ is one of the ICs most important tactical considerations>
  41. ____ is a stationary position
  42. Cause of nearly half of the FF on duty deaths
    Sudden cardiac arrest
  43. NFPA ___ : an additional EMS unit should be assisgned to rehab
  44. ___ % of injuries are on ____, _____% are ___and___
    • 50%
    • 50%
    • sprains and strains
  45. Most importanat element of incident safety is:
    Applying risk management to fire ground operations
  46. Most critical floors in a high rise fire
    fire floor and floor above
  47. Outstanding structural stability, low fire extension and fuel contribution
    Type 1
  48. Poor structural stability, avg to high extension and high fuel
    Type 4
  49. Poor stryctural stability, avg fire extension and low fuel contriution
    Type 2
  50. Average structural stability, avg fire extension and avg fuel contribution
    Type 3
  51. Main objective in a sprinklered building
    Support and evacuate
  52. 5 types of standpipes
    • Automatic wet
    • Automatic Dry
    • Semi-automatic dry
    • Manual Wet
    • Manual Dry
  54. The Laws of Hydraulics tells us that there is a ____psi back pressure for every 1 foot of elevation. A 60 story high-rise with 10' floors will yeile a back pressure of ___
    • .434
    • 260
  55. NFPD ___ standard for inspection, care, and use of fire hose couplings, nozzles, and the fire service tracking of hose, requires that 2 1/2" and 3" hose be tested at___
    • 1962
    • 300psi
  56. Royer Nelson formula:
    • Volume of area/100
    • V/100
  57. US National Fire Academy Formula
    Area in square feet/3; A/3
  58. Handlines can generate a flow of up to ___gpm
  59. Friction Loss Table:
    1 3/4"= 26@150gpm, 70@250gpm, and 350=NR

    2 1/2"= 6@150GPM, 15@250GPM, and 28@350gpm
  60. Standpipe outlets with residual pressure exceeding ___ or static pressure exceeding ___ should be equiped with a pressure reducer valve.
    • 100
    • 175
  61. Building requiring a rate of flow greater than 2 standard preconnects should be pre-planned using ___, except when large fuel load
  62. Back up lines should be ___
    at lease the size of initial lines
  63. Property conservation is limited to ___
    offensive attacks
  64. NFPA ___ Life safety code
  66. The vertical air flow within a building caused by temperature differences between the interior and exterior
    Stack effect
  67. If danger from falling glass, a ___ perimeter should be established.
  68. NFPA ___ Building construction and safety code

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