Latin Vocab Ch 15

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  1. Citizen
    *cīvis, cīvis m. or f.
  2. Pain, sorrow
    dolor, dolōris m.
  3. Horse
    equus, equī m.
  4. Ground, earth
    humus, humī f.
  5. Gaul
    Gallia, Galliae f.
  6. Work, labor, effort; hardship
    labor, labōris m.
  7. Praise
    laus, laudis f.
  8. Breast, chest; heart
    pectus, pectoris n.
  9. Danger
    perīculum, perīculī n.
  10. Battle
    proelium, proeliī n.
  11. Province
    prōvincia, prōvinciae f.
  12. The country(side)
    rūs, rūris n.
  13. To found, build, establish
    condo, condere, condidī, conditus
  14. To break, shatter, wreck
    frangō, frangere, frēgī, frāctus
  15. To set fire to, burn; inflame
    incendō, incendere, incendī, incēnsus
  16. To prohibit, keep from – to keep someone (acc.) from something (abl. of separation)
    prohibeō, prohibēre, prohibuī, prohibitus
  17. To avoid
    vītō, vītāre, vītāvī, vītātus
  18. Even, calm, equal
    aequus, aequa, aequum
  19. The rest, the others
    cēterī, cēterae, cētera
  20. Worthy; worth, fitting
    dignus, digna, dignum
  21. Unworthy; undeserved; shameful
    indignus, indigna, indignum
  22. His, her, its, their own
    suus, sua, suum
  23. Around
    circum/circa (+acc)
  24. Over, above, on (top of)
    super (+acc)

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