week 10

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  1. anarchist:  (a-nar-KIST) n.
    • person who seeks to overturn the established
    • government; advocate of abolishing authority.
  2. capricious:  (ka-PREE-shus) adj.
    unpredictable; fickle
  3. delineate:  (dee-LIN-ee-ate) v.
    to portray
  4. divergent:  (di-verj-ent) adj.
    differing; deviating
  5. euphemism:  (yew-fe-mis-em) n.
    mild expression in place of an unpleasant one
  6. guile:  (GIL) n.
    deceit; duplicity; silliness; cunning
  7. incontrovertible:  (in-kan-tre-ver-te-bel) adj.
    indisputable; not open to questions
  8. jocular:  (ja-kye-ler) adj.
    said or done in jest
  9. opaque:  (o-PAK) adj.
    dark; not transparent
  10. profusion:  (pre-FYU-zhen) n.
    overabundance; lavish expenditure
  11. scrupulous:  (skru-pye-les) adj.
    conscientious; extremely thorough
  12. unobtrusive:  (en-eb-TRU-siv) adj.
    inconspicuous; not blatant
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