English Vocabulary 15 nov 2013

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  1. castigate
    to criticize someone or something

    Rajparkashe criticize the media for blaming him  human rights violations in civil war
  2. esprit de crops
    the feeling such as to be proud and feeling loyal 

    MNC employees feels esprit de crops.
  3. oust
    to force some one to leave a position or power

    Saina, Kyshyp ousted in Round 2 of china tour
  4. Nostalgic
    feeling  happy and and some sad at the same time because you think what happened in past

    I feel nostalgic when i remembered our college's days
  5. flour 2 , flourish 2
    1. powder of wheat used to making food like bread pastry

    2. to Put some flour on the surface so that food can not stick with it

    3. to grow and develop something

    My tomatoes are  flourishing

    4. to move something in hand so that people look at it
  6. tangy
    strong and sharp taste

    tangy pepsi
  7. owes 2

    I owe you

    owe sb a living

    owe it to yourself

    to give money or something to you because he  lent money to you or in exchange of something

    we have to owe 200 rs for the rent of laptop.

    to have something like money, job because of other have done for you or because of your efforts

    I owes everything what I have to my mother.

    I owe you:- to say someone thanks in a way such that I will return you in future

    Thank you for all help! I will owe you.

    owe sb a lining :- to have to provide money for someone to live on, whether they deserve it or not 

    to deserve and need to do something which will be good for you
  8. lash 
    lash out
    come/suffer under the lash
    to hit, to criticize, to tie, plural of eye lash

    • lash out:- to hit someone or criticize someone
    • come/suffer under the lash:- to be severely criticized
  9. atrocity
    when someone or something  is violent and shocking 

    Maoists are on trial of committing the atrocities in Indian states
  10. Mockery

    make something mockery
    • Noun
    • when someone makes mock
    • Amit's mockery of his brother's twitch is bit cruel but looks funny
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