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  1. Epinephrine
    Asystole, PEA, pulseless vtach/vfib: 1mg q3-5mins

    Infusion: 2-10mcg/min second line for bradycardia
  2. Atropine
    • .5mg q3-5mins. upto 3mg 
    • symptomatic bradycardia
  3. Amiodarone
    pulseless vtach/vfib: 300mg 1st dose, 150mg second dose

    stable VT: 150mg IV drip over 10 mins., may repeat once
  4. Adenosine
    PSVTs: 6mg IV, repeat 12mg
  5. Lidocaine
    pulseless VT/VF: 1.5mg/kig, repeat twice at .75mg/kg
  6. Metoprolol
    Atrial fibrillation and flutter, second line PSVT: 5mg IV bolus q 5 mins. upto 3 doses
  7. Diltiazem
    • AF/A flutter, second line PSVT
    • .25mg/kg IV, repeat in 10 mins at .35mg/kg
  8. Magnesium
    torsades de pointes at 2 grams MgSo4 over 5 mins. infusion at .5 to 1 g/hr
  9. Procainamide
    • WPW +AF 
    • IV at 20mg/min to total 17mg/kig then drip at 1-4mg/min
  10. Vasopressin
    expensive alternative to epinephrine IV 40 units once
  11. Dopamine
    second line symptomatic bradycardia by IV drip rate 2-10mcg/kg/min
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