Med terms Ch 9

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  1. ACTH
    adrenocorticotropic hormone
  2. ADH
    antidiuretic hormone
  3. BS
    blood sugar
  4. DKA
    diabetic ketoacidosis
  5. DM
    diabetes mellitus
  6. FBS
    fasting blood sugar
  7. FSH
    follicle-stimulating hormone
  8. GTT
    glucose tolerance test
  9. HbA1c
    glycosylated hemoglobin
  10. HRT
    hormone replacement therapy
  11. LH
    luteinizing hormone
  12. T4
  13. TSH
    thyroid-stimulating hormone
  14. aden-o
  15. acromegaly
    • diseased characterized by enlarged features, (of the face and hands), caused by HYPERsecretion of the pituitary GH after puberty, when normal bone growth has stopped
    • most often caused by pituitary tumor
  16. adrenal glands
    • located on the superior surface of each kidney 
    • the adrenal cortex secretes steroid hormones, and the adrenal medulla secretes epi and NE 
    • suprarenal glands
  17. adrenaline
    • secreted in response to fear or physical injury
    • epi
  18. adrenocorticotropic hormone
    ACTH stimulated secretion from ADRENAL gland
  19. adrogens
    influence development and maintenance of male sex characteristics (facial hair/deep voice)
  20. antithyperglycemic
    • drug that lowers the blood glucose level 
    • insulin
  21. blood glucose
    • blood sugar
    • measurement of the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood
  22. calcitonin
    • know as THYROID HORMONES
    • regulates METABOLISM
  23. catecholamines
    hormones secreted by the adrenal medulla that affect the sympathetic nervous system in stress response (epi & ne)
  24. continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII)
    • use of an insulin delivery device that is worn on the body (usually the abdomen) and subcutaneously infuses doses of insulin programmed according to the individual needs of the diabetic patient 
    • insulin pump therapy
  25. cretinism
    • condition of CONGENITAL HYPOTHYOidism in CHILDREN that results in a LACK of MENTAL DEVELOPMENT and DWARFED physical stature
    • the thyroid gland is either CONGENITALLY ABSENT of IMPERFECTLY developed
  26. cushing syndrome
    • collections of signs & symptoms caused by an excessive level of CORTISOL HORMONE 
    • may be due to excessive production by ADRENAL gland (often bc of tumor), or more commonly, occurs as side effect of treatment w/ glucocorticoid (steroid) hormones, such as prednisone for asthma, RA, lupus, or other inflammatory diseases
    • symptoms include upper body obesity, facial puffiness (moon-shaped appearance, hyperglycemia, weakness, thins and easily bruised skin with stria (stretch marks), hypertension, and ostroporosis
  27. diabetes mellitus
    • DM
    • metabolic disorder caused by the absence or insufficient production of insulin secreted by the pancreas, resulting in hyperglycemia and glucosuria
    • diabetes=passing through
    • mellitus = sugar
  28. diabetic ketoacidosis
    presence of an ABNORMAL AMOUNT OF KETONE BODIES ( acetone, beta-hydroxybutyric acid, and acetoacetic acid) in the blood and  urine indicating
  29. epinephrine
    • secreted in response to fear or physical injury
    • adrenaline
  30. estrogen
    responsible for the development of female SECONDARY SEX characteristics
  31. exophthalmos/exophthalmus
    PROTRUSION of one or both EYEBALLS, often bc  thyroid dysfunction or a tumor behind the eyeball
  32. fasting blood sugar
    measurement of blood sugar level after fasting for 12 hrs
  33. follicle-stimulating hormone
    • FSH 
    • initiates the growth of ovarian follicle
    • stimulates the secretion of estrogen in females and the production of sperm in males
  34. glucagon
    hormone secreted by ALPHA cells of the islets of Langerhans that serves to REGULATE CARBOHYDRATE metabolism by RAISING BLOOD SUGAR
  35. glucocorticoids
    • regulate carbohydrate metabolism and have anti-inflammatory effects
    • cortisol is the most significant glucocorticoid
  36. glucose tolerance test
    • GTT
    • measurement of the body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates by administering a prescribed amount of glucose after a fasting period, then measuring blood and urine for glucose levels every hour thereafter for 4-6 hours
  37. glycosylated hemoglobin
    • HbA1c 
    • a molecule (fraction) in Hb, the level of which rises in the blood as a result of an increased level of blood sugar
    • a common blood test used in diagnosing and treating diabetes
  38. goiter
    ENLARGEMENT of the THYROID GLAND caused by thyroid dysfunction, tumor, lack of IODINE IN THE DIET, or INFLAMMATION
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