Chemistry Chapter 4

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  1. Matter
    • anything that takes up space and has mass
    • basically, everything
    • composed mostly of atoms
  2. pure substances
    • substances with one kind of particle
    • elements and compounds
    • eg. gold, distilled water
  3. mixture
    • a mix of multiple pure substances
    • solutions and mechanical mixtures
    • eg. salt water, chocolate chip cookie
  4. element
    • a material made from one kind of atom
    • eg. gold, hydrogen, lead, NOT water
  5. compound
    • a chemical combination of multiple elements that cannot be physically separated. 
    • eg. water, CO2, alcohol
  6. physical property
    • a property of a substance you can measure or see without changing the substance
    • eg. colour, texture, density
  7. viscosity
    • a physical property
    • used to measure the thickness of a liquid
  8. melting point
    • the temperature at which a substance melts or freezes
    • Water: 0
  9. boiling point
    the temperature at which a substance turns into a gas(boils) or into a liquid (condenses)
  10. solubility
    • the ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance to create a solution
    • measured in time
  11. density
    • the weight of an object per a measurement of volume
    • Density=Mass/volume
  12. chemical property
    • a property of a substance that does not change and can only be measured by changing the substance
    • eg. reactivity, stability
  13. combustibility
    the ability for a substance to go on fire by reacting with oxygen and releasing carbon
  14. stability
    • the ability of a substance to go unchanged
    • unstable usually means dangerous
  15. toxicity
    • the ability of a substance to poison biological life
    • toxic eg. DDT, mercury
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