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  1. define Himalaya Mountains
    the mountains that separate China, Nepal, & India. Also the highest and longest mountain range in the world
  2. define monsoon
    a seasonal wind pattern in south & southeast Asia
  3. define Aryans
    people who spoke European language
  4. define Sanskirt
    an ancient India language of speaking. **first writing**
  5. define suttee
    the hindu custom of cremating a widow on her husbands funeral (fire)
  6. define varnas
    a social group in hindu that ranks people in 4 groups, categorized by skin color
  7. define caste
    a set of categories in ancient India that determined a person's occupation and position in society.
  8. define Silk Road
    route that connected China and the Roman Empire, significant for the trade of silk
  9. define pilgrims
    people who travel to religious places
  10. define aristocracy
    upper class where wealth is based on land and whose power is passed on from one generation to another
  11. define Mandate of Heaven
    claimed that the Chinese King of the Zhou dynasty had direct authority from heave to rule
  12. define dynastic cycle
    rise and fall of ruling families
  13. define filial piety
    belief for the respect of ones parents, ancestors, and elders
  14. define ethnocentric
    chinese belief that your culture is superior to someone else's
  15. define subcontinent
    a large land mass that juts out of a continent
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