Preaching Quiz 1

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  1. Sermon
    a religious discourse delivered in public usually by a clergyman as a part of a worship service
  2. Preaching
    to deliver a sermon
  3. Expository Preaching
    form of preaching that throws light upon the meaning of a particular text or passage of Scripture
  4. Celebratory Preaching
    is the dramatization of the main idea of the sermon born out of the African American cultural church experience...practices include whooping etc.  The topic of such preaching is usually encouraging
  5. Prophetic Preaching
    Preaching that creatively speaks-on behalf of others-of the injustices and inadequacies of the present and the hopeful possibilities of the future.  Also, preaching that calls people back to God
  6. Hermeneutics
    science of interpreting texts: the science and methodology of interpreting texts, especially the books of the Bible
  7. Exegesis
    exposition, explanation; especially: an explanation or critical interpretation of a text
  8. Motif
    theme in work of literature
  9. Meditation
    brief devotional talk that focuses on a simple point
  10. Hymn Stories
    stories behind the hymns we sing in church and what inspired their creation
  11. Extemporaneous Preaching
    style of preaching involving extensive preparation of all the sermon except for the precise wording. The topic, basic structure and scripture to be used are all determined in advance, and the preachers saturate themselves in the details necessary to present their message
  12. Topical Preaching
    focuses on a topic
  13. Manuscript Preacher
    Preacher who writes sermon out word for word
  14. Kerygma
    preaching of Christianity: the proclamation of Jesus Christ's teachings, especially as taught in the Gospels
  15. Didache
    The Didache (pronounced did-a-kay) is an early church documentand is supposed to be what the twelve apostles taught to the Gentiles concerning life and death, church order, fasting, baptism, prayer, etc.
  16. Redemptive Preaching
    preaching Old Testament texts as revelations/shadows of the coming Messiah
  17. Biographical Preaching
    The method of preaching that expounds a Bible character, based on careful exegesis, to deduce the principles that regulated his or her life and to apply the principles to the modern listener
  18. Evangelistic
    seeking to evangelize or convert by preaching the Christian gospel
  19. Narrative
    story or an account of events in the order in which they happened
  20. Parables
    moral or religious story: a short simple story intended to illustrate a moral or religious lesson
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