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  1. A will is an instrument for the ordered disposition of real and personal property that is to take effect upon death. Which of the following is a requirement for a will to take effect?
    • a. The will has a codicil.
    • b. The deceased was of legal age.
    • c. There was intestacy on the part of the legatee.
    • d. Both B: and C:
  2. The Funeral Rule, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has many provisions. These include mandated disclosures and restrictive actions. At the very start of a face-to-face discussion with the public regarding the selection of funeral goods or services and/or the prices of them, the funeral director is required to give the consumer:
    • a. The GPL for retention upon collection and signed receipt of the Consumer
    • Protection Fee
    • b. The price for each item the consumer requests on dated company letterhead
    • c. The GPL for retention, and the casket and vault price list for reference only
    • d. The casket price list and vault price list for retention, and the GPL for reference
    • only
  3. The person with the authority and duty of final disposition who may or may not have what kind of “actual” custody (physical possession) of the deceased at a particular moment isconsidered to have custody?
    • a. Caveat emptor
    • b. Constructive
    • c. Consignment
    • d. Endowment
  4. An insolvent estate is an estate of a deceased person whose assets are insufficient topay the estate’s debts, taxes, and administrative expenses. It is the state statute thatcontrols the priority of these claims. In most states, though, the priority of claims—from top priority to lowest—is ordered as follows:
    • a. Taxes, funeral expenses, and medical bills
    • b. Medical bills, taxes, and funeral expenses
    • c. Funeral expenses, administration expenses, and taxes
    • d. Administration expenses, funeral expenses, and taxes
  5. A federal government agency created to promote consumer protection, encourage free and fair competition, and prevent what regulators determine to be anticompetitive business practices is called:
    • a. FTC
    • b. ICCFA
    • c. OSHA
    • d. NFDA
  6. A wrongful act by a person for which damages can be sought by the injured party through a civil lawsuit is called a:
    • a. Tort
    • b. Mutilation
    • c. Obstruction
    • d. Replevin
  7. The power of a government to impose what it considers reasonable restrictions and laws on its citizens for the maintenance of public safety, health, order, and welfare iscalled:
    • a. Tort
    • b. Police power
    • c. Restrictive covenant
    • d. Uniform probate code
  8. Which of the following funeral rites is conducted without the presence of the casketed body?
    • a. Entombment service
    • b. Memorial service
    • c. Graveside service
    • d. Traditional or complete cremation service
  9. A deceased veteran or reservist who was entitled to receive retired military pay qualifies to receive an American flag after the completion and submittal of theAPPLICATION FOR UNITED STATES FLAG FOR BURIAL PURPOSES form, also known as:
    • a. VA Form 21-530
    • b. SSA-721
    • c. VA form 90-2008
    • d. VA form 40-1330
  10. A portable stretcher used by both ambulances and funeral homes to move the injured or deceased that is considered to be the most important item for transferringremains from a house or an institution is called a:
    • a. Cot
    • b. Flexible stretcher
    • c. Transfer vehicle
    • d. Church truck
  11. Which of the following accurately describe the purposes of a death certificate? i. Shows vital statistics and cause of death for medical or actuarial researchii. Is the legal permanent record of the deceasediii. Is the legal document issued by the proper government agency authorizingthe transportation and/or disposition of human remainsiv. Is the legal record that final disposition has occurred
    • a. i , ii, and iv
    • b. ii and iv
    • c. i and ii
    • d. All of the above
  12. A typical funeral cortege would be arranged in the following order:
    • a. Lead car, hearse, clergy, pallbearers, family cars/limo, and procession
    • b. Lead car, hearse, pallbearers, clergy, family cars/limo, and procession
    • c. Hearse, lead car, clergy, pallbearers, family cars/limo, and procession
    • d. Lead car, clergy, pallbearers, hearse, family cars/limo, and procession
  13. The entryway, foyer, or lobby to a funeral home or church is also called the:
    • a. Narthex
    • b. Nave
    • c. Niche
    • d. Sanctuary
  14. In the Roman Catholic faith, an anointing ceremony by a priest for the seriously ill to bring healing or for those who are dying to prepare their souls for eternity is called:
    • a. Paschal Candle Service
    • b. Sacrament of the Sick
    • c. Rosary Service
    • d. Rosary Beads
  15. The name for the sanctified elements of Holy Communion that comprise the essential rudiments for liturgical worship is:
    • a. Paschal Candle
    • b. Communion Paten
    • c. Eucharist
    • d. Trisagion
  16. Which of the following statements concerning the merchandise pricing strategy known as the Declining Price Structure Model is correct?
    • a. Creates a lower margin on the less expensive caskets
    • b. Creates a lower margin on the most expensive caskets
    • c. Encourages the consumer to buy better merchandise since the CVI improves with
    • higher-priced caskets
    • d. Both b and c
  17. A casket constructed of various tree species such as salix, poplar, or cottonwood is called:
    • a. Single hinged panel
    • b. Wood veneer
    • c. Selected hardwood
    • d. Pine box
  18. There are various types of casket interior styles. In one style, the lining material is silk, cotton, rayon, or wool called: placed on a metal form. Weights are added, and the material is then steamed andattached to an upholstery or backing. This interior style is known as:
    • a. Masselin
    • b. Crushed
    • c. Extendover
    • d. Tufted
  19. Caskets use various lining materials. One material is a thin, crinkled cloth made of silk, cotton, rayon, or wool called:
    • a. Crepe
    • b. Satin
    • c. Velvet
    • d. Linen
  20. A monument that is erected to the memory of the dead but may not serve as the physical resting place for the deceased is called a:
    • a. Cenotaph
    • b. Crypt
    • c. Epitaph
    • d. Columbarium
  21. What are the two broad classifications of metal?
    • a. Bronze and copper
    • b. Stainless steel and steel
    • c. Galvanized steel and steel
    • d. Ferrous and non-ferrous
  22. What are the four component parts of casket handles?
    • a. Arm, bar, shell, and tip
    • b. Lug, rim, shell, and tip
    • c. Lug, arm, bar, and shell
    • d. Lug, arm, bar, and tip
  23. A metal alloy of steel chromium and sometimes nickel that has a noted ability to resist rust is:
    • a. Copper
    • b. Bronze
    • c. Steel
    • d. Stainless steel
  24. During the arrangement conference, the process whereby the funeral director listens to the client with undivided attention and maintains eye contact to watch theclient’s non-verbal body language (such as facial expressions) is called:
    • a. Adaptive
    • b. Paraphrasing
    • c. Attending
    • d. Summarizing
  25. In her book On Death and Dying (1969), Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identifies and describes the stages of dying. In order, these stages are:
    • a. Accept, express, adjust, and reinvest
    • b. Numbness, yearning, disorganization and despair, and re-organization
    • c. Shock, awareness of loss, conservation-withdrawal, and healing and renewal
    • d. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
  26. The grieving and adaptation to living after the loss of a loved one is called:
    • a. Mourning
    • b. Bereavement
    • c. Thanatology
    • d. Grief
  27. The common patterns and range of feelings and behaviors people exhibit after the loss of a loved one is called:
    • a. Grief syndrome
    • b. Guilt
    • c. Shame
    • d. Attachment theory
  28. An expression of frustration and helplessness, during grief it is often deflected onto doctors, funeral directors, and other individuals. This expression is usually in the form of:
    • a. Grief
    • b. Guilt
    • c. Anger
    • d. Mourning
  29. Grief that is excessive, does not come to a satisfactory conclusion, and is accompanied by the individual’s awareness of their inability to resolve thebereavement process is called:
    • a. Masked grief
    • b. Delayed grief
    • c. Chronic grief
    • d. Exaggerated grief
  30. To communicate with those who are mourning the recent loss of a loved one to facilitate the bereavement process and help them move through the stages of grief iscalled:
    • a. At need counseling
    • b. Grief therapy
    • c. Grief counseling
    • d. Both a and b
  31. A trocar is a hollow tube used during the embalming process to inject fluids and drain excess fluids that was patented in 1868 by:
    • a. Dr. William Harvey
    • b. Samuel Rogers
    • c. Gabriel Clauderus
    • d. James A. Gray
  32. Which of the following are the two entities worshipped in the Egyptian culture?
    • a. Pagan and Natron
    • b. Children Of Horus and canopic jars
    • c. The Kher-heb and Libitinarius
    • d. The sun and the cult of Osiris
  33. In 1666, an act was passed in England’s Parliament that instituted a monetary penalty for the use of commonly imported linen in coffin linings. Instead, the shroudhad to be made of a linen substitute made in England (except in cases where the deathwas caused by the plague). This product was:
    • a. Velvet
    • b. Masselin
    • c. Satin
    • d. Wool
  34. A single household that consists of one man, one woman, and their children (if they have any) is known as a:
    • a. Nuclear family
    • b. Extended(joint) family
    • c. Modified extended family
    • d. Blended family
  35. Which type of family structure may be more receptive to an immediate cremation or a memorial service with a memory board of photos and a DVD made by the funeraldirector or the family?
    • a. Extended (joint) family
    • b. Bureaucratization family
    • c. Nuclear family
    • d. Demographic family
  36. The science that studies various social groups and how individuals behave and relate to each other as a group to other social groups that can influence funeral servicedisposition arrangements is:
    • a. Funeralization
    • b. Ethnocentrism
    • c. Pathology
    • d. Sociology
  37. The mobility of society today is a change in our culture that has had an effect on funeral service arrangements. The trend for people to move away from where theywere born and raised and relocate to a new area for work or climate is called:
    • a. Enculturation
    • b. Ethnocentrism
    • c. Social stratification
    • d. Neo-localism
  38. An assignment is a transfer of legal rights from one person (party) to another. The party to whom the assignment is made is called the:
    • a. Assignor
    • b. Beneficiary
    • c. Consignee
    • d. Assignee
  39. The transfer of possession, but not title, of personal property such as rings or jewelry worn by the deceased from a family to a funeral director is called:
    • a. Consignee
    • b. Bailment
    • c. Blank endorsement
    • d. Acceptance
  40. The person who executes a promissory note is called the:
    • a. Maker
    • b. Payee
    • c. Drawee
    • d. Drawer
  41. Another name for the income statement that reports the profitability of a businessis called:
    • a. Statement of operations
    • b. Balance sheet
    • c. Statement of financial position
    • d. Trial balance
  42. The amount by which a business’s current assets exceed liabilities, defined as the operating liquidity of a business, is also known as:
    • a. Statement of operations
    • b. Working capital
    • c. Proving cash
    • d. Useful life
  43. A federal act that requires employers to withhold a portion of employee wages and pay them to the government trust fund that provides retirement benefits is called:
    • a. Federal Income Tax Withholding
    • b. Federal Unemployment Tax Act
    • c. W-2
    • d. Federal Insurance Contributions Act
  44. A written promise from a client to pay a specific amount of money to a business on a specific, agreed-upon future date is called:
    • a. Federal Income Tax Withholding
    • b. Maker
    • c. Note receivable
    • d. Blank endorsement
  45. Which of the following would be considered a data storage medium?
    • a. Scanner
    • b. Compact disc
    • c. Jump drive
    • d. Both b and c
  46. When selecting a computer system that will be used for data processing, the preliminary key points to consider are:
    • a. Viruses and spam
    • b. Microsoft and Apple
    • c. Needs and wants, software and hardware
    • d. Wi-Fi and Internet
  47. The “Two Factor Theory” is the psychological theory that peoples’ motivation in the workplace is the result of multiple factors that influence their satisfaction ordissatisfaction. The theory was developed by:
    • a. Abraham Maslow
    • b. Douglas McGregor
    • c. Frederick Herzberg
    • d. Both a and b
  48. Federal legislation that was designed to prohibit job discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, and sex is called:
    • a. Age Discrimination Employment Act
    • b. Occupational Safety and Health Act
    • c. Immigration Reform and Control Act
    • d. Equal Employment Opportunity Act
  49. The legal principle by which precedents are established by prior decisions made by the court that also serves to provide insight into the potential outcome of similar cases is called:
    • a. Statute of Limitations
    • b. Statutes
    • c. Equal Employment Opportunity Act
    • d. Stare Decisis
  50. The gauge that represents a business’s financial leverage, is determined by dividing the business’s total liabilities by stockholders’ equity, and also represents how muchfunding has been borrowed to finance the business is called:
    • a. Current ratio
    • b. Debt equity
    • c. Book value
    • d. Economic order quantity
  51. There are three main factors that influence the grieving process. They are psychological, sociological, and:
    • a. External
    • b. Internal
    • c. Physiological
    • d. Illogical
  52. Which of the following statements is true?
    • a. All Native American tribes believe that birth is more sacred than death
    • b. All Native American tribes believe the body is simply a shell that’s left
    • c. Some Native American tribes believe in an afterlife, and some don’t
    • d. All of the above statements are true
  53. When a society believes that nothing is lost in death and that people can take things with them, this belief is known as which of the following?
    • a. Death defiance
    • b. Death denial
    • c. Death acceptance
    • d. Death reward
  54. The Jewish religion executes many rituals when someone dies. The preparation of the body for burial is called:
    • a. Shiva
    • b. Chevra kadisha
    • c. Yahrzeit
    • d. Tahara
  55. There are two types of violent death. One is homicide. What is the other?
    • a. Suicide
    • b. Terminal illness
    • c. Premature death
    • d. A body that is not recovered
  56. Complicated grief may occur when socially unspeakable circumstances are present. An example of this might be which of the following?
    • a. Abortion
    • b. Death of a married lover
    • c. Death of an abusive parent
    • d. All of the above
  57. The four items that affect an individual’s views on death are religion, family, culture, and:
    • a. Gender
    • b. Race
    • c. Tradition
    • d. Financial status
  58. When working with a family, you notice that one person seems to be struggling. When you approach this person, he says with strong hesitation, “I’m fine.” This is anexample of which type of nonverbal communication?
    • a. Facial expression
    • b. Paralanguage
    • c. Proxemics
    • d. Body position
  59. When a funeral home offers various types of assistance for the grieving after the funeral services are over, it is known as:
    • a. Aftercare
    • b. Preneed
    • c. The arrangement conference
    • d. Complicated grief
  60. A funeral director can help a family with their grief by doing which of the following?
    • a. Tell them they don’t need to write the obituary
    • b. Offer to give the eulogy so a family member doesn’t have to
    • c. Explain that they don’t need to go to the cemetery
    • d. Allow them to bring in items from a collection their loved one had
  61. Which of the following is true of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief?
    • a. They do not always occur in order
    • b. A grieving person usually completes them in about six months
    • c. Each one takes about the same amount of time
    • d. When people try to make a deal with God, it is called “denial”
  62. Which of the following should an adult do when a child is grieving?
    • a. Wait to tell them about the death until it is absolutely necessary
    • b. Keep them from going to the cemetery
    • c. Let them participate in the funeral if they want to
    • d. Encourage them not to talk about it to other people
  63. A funeral director can help family members by acknowledging their grief. Of the following family members, which person’s grief is usually acknowledged the least bysociety?
    • a. A spouse
    • b. A sibling
    • c. A parent
    • d. A child
  64. Which of the following must be notified when you are planning a service that includes visiting hours, a funeral, and a burial?
    • a. The officiating person and the cemetery
    • b. The burial vault company and the cemetery
    • c. The officiating person only
    • d. The officiating person, the cemetery, and the burial vault company
  65. When entering a Catholic church for a Mass of Christian Burial, the casket is covered with which of the following?
    • a. A pall
    • b. A veil
    • c. A flag
    • d. A blanket
  66. Which of the following is the best course of action for a funeral director when a funeral will be held at a place of worship where he/she has never been?
    • a. Figure out how the service will be handled when he/she arrives
    • b. Call the officiating person to get specific information about the handling of the
    • service
    • c. Check to see if there is any helpful information online
    • d. Let a family member direct the service
  67. Most crematories require the body of the deceased to be in a rigid container for the cremation process. Which of the following does NOT meet the definition of most crematories of a rigid container?
    • a. The deceased is in a mahogany casket
    • b. The deceased is wrapped in a sheet
    • c. The deceased is on a flat board
    • d. The deceased is in a cardboard box
  68. A deceased veteran must meet which of the following criteria in order to be eligible for military honors?
    • a. Have an “honorable” discharge
    • b. Obtained the rank of sergeant or higher
    • c. Died during wartime
    • d. Have a discharge other than “dishonorable”
  69. Which of the following is the most important part of the arrangement conference?
    • a. Getting the death certificate information
    • b. Listening carefully
    • c. Writing the obituary
    • d. Explaining the costs
  70. Most green cemeteries adhere to which of the following rules?
    • a. The body cannot be dressed
    • b. The body cannot be in a casket
    • c. The body must be placed into a concrete vault
    • d. The body cannot be embalmed
  71. Which of the following statements is true about shipping human remains via common carrier within the United States?
    • a. They have to be embalmed
    • b. They have to be sent prepaid
    • c. They must be in a casket
    • d. They must be accompanied with a burial/transit permit
  72. During an arrangement conference, a family member says he would like to bring in a peanut butter jar for his father’s cremated remains. What is the best way for the funeral director to respond?
    • a. Tell him that this is not allowed by law
    • b. Explain that the crematory will not allow it
    • c. Explain that if the jar is not large enough, the rest of the remains will have to be
    • put into another container
    • d. Suggest that the family purchase an urn on which a picture of a peanut butter jar
    • can be engraved
  73. When you accept jewelry from the next of kin to place on the deceased, you become known as what?
    • a. Bailee
    • b. Mediator
    • c. Conservator
    • d. Codicil
  74. If a funeral director takes a picture of a deceased without the permission of the next of kin, which of the following could he/she be guilty of?
    • a. Libel
    • b. Immunity
    • c. Grand larceny
    • d. Habeas corpus
  75. If a woman deposits money in a preneed burial account at her local bank, the bank assumes which of the following roles?
    • a. Assignee
    • b. Devisee
    • c. Fiduciary
    • d. Distributee
  76. When the funeral director and the purchaser of funeral services sign an agreement, this is known as which of the following?
    • a. Employment contract
    • b. Quid pro quo
    • c. Confidentiality agreement
    • d. Limited liability
  77. When a beneficiary brings in a life insurance policy to be used as payment for the funeral services, he/she signs a form. What is this form called?
    • a. An assignment
    • b A consideration
    • c. A comfort letter
    • d. A mediation
  78. When a funeral director begins talking to another director about purchasing his/her funeral home, the potential purchaser will probably be asked to sign which of the following types of agreements?
    • a. Collateral agreement
    • b. Confidentiality agreement
    • c. Consideration agreement
    • d. Collective agreement
  79. In most states, all of the following people can observe the embalming process EXCEPT which of the following?
    • a. The attending physician
    • b. Nonparticipating embalmers
    • c. A family member of the deceased
    • d. The embalmer’s non-licensed spouse
  80. Which of the following individuals can sign the appropriate forms to authorize the cremation of a body?
    • a. An ex-spouse
    • b. A medical doctor
    • c. An agent assigned by the deceased in applicable states
    • d. The deceased’s clergyman
  81. When making funeral arrangements, when must the funeral director give the customer a copy of the General Price List (GPL)?
    • a. As soon as the customer sits down
    • b. After taking all the information for the death certificate
    • c. Before selecting the casket
    • d. When any mention of prices or costs is brought up
  82. John Doe dies and does not leave a surviving wife. He does, however, have nine children, and some of them are expressing a desire to have his body cremated. In a state that requires the cremation process to be authorized by at least 60 percent of the children, how many must sign the authorization form?
    • a. Three
    • b. Five
    • c. Six
    • d. Seven
  83. Someone calls the funeral home and asks about your prices. According to the Funeral Rule, which of the following must you do?
    • a. Read your entire General Price List to them
    • b. Send them a copy of your General Price List
    • c. Explain that if they come to the funeral home you will give them pricing
    • information
    • d. Send them a copy of your General Price List only if you wish to
  84. Embalming is necessary in which of the following situations?
    • a. When the family chooses a direct burial
    • b. When the FTC Funeral Rule requires it
    • c. When the deceased will be shipped out of town
    • d. When the family requests it
  85. When someone pays a deposit or the entire amount for a preplanned funeral, all of the following can be done with the funds EXCEPT:
    • a. The entire amount can be deposited into the funeral home’s bank account
    • b. The funds can be deposited into an account at the local bank
    • c. The funds can be deposited into the state funeral director association’s trust fund
    • d. In some states, the funds can be used for a life insurance policy for the deceased
  86. When funds have been prepaid for someone who is on Medicaid, they are deposited into an irrevocable account. If the funds in the account exceed the amount of the services provided when the death occurs, what happens to the leftover amount?
    • a. It is returned to the next of kin in a personal check made out to him or her
    • b. It must be sent to the Medicaid office
    • c. The funeral home can keep the entire amount
    • d. The institution where the money was deposited keeps it
  87. It is illegal to do which of the following?
    • a. Show pictures of caskets instead of displaying actual caskets
    • b. Display caskets in order of price
    • c. Display all the wooden caskets together and all the metal caskets together
    • d. Display a casket without its price
  88. Caskets can be displayed in a selection room or in a catalog of photos. Which of the following is another way they can be displayed?
    • a. The Casket Price List
    • b. The General Price List
    • c. Photos on a computer
    • d. The Burial Container Price List
  89. What is the most important part of displaying burial vaults?
    • a. Having a full-size vault in your selection room
    • b. Being able to explain the characteristics and advantages of each vault
    • c. Having a cross section of a vault
    • d. Showing pictures of vaults
  90. Which of the following is an example of passive marketing?
    • a. Having products or their photos displayed and allowing the customer to initiate
    • discussion about them
    • b. Showing customers the caskets on display in the selection room
    • c. Showing pictures of vaults to customers
    • d. Giving the customer a GPL
  91. Which of the following items should be displayed since they can easily be personalized at any funeral home with a computer?
    • a. Prayer cards/memorial folder with a choice of prayers or poems and the option
    • to add the deceased’s photo
    • b. Cremation jewelry with names and dates
    • c. Monuments
    • d. Urns with photos
  92. Usually, merchandising is done with products. Which of the following is an effective way to merchandise a funeral home’s services?
    • a. The General Price List
    • b. An informational brochure
    • c. A display of urns
    • d. Pictures of monuments
  93. A software program made specifically for funeral homes could help you do which of the following?
    • a. Send an email to your staff about an upcoming event
    • b. Print out your vehicle registration cards
    • c. Build a website
    • d. Design and print prayer cards or funeral folders
  94. Which of the following would most likely be used to keep track of funeral home expenses?
    • a. A word processing computer program
    • b. An accounting computer program
    • c. A calculator
    • d. An email program
  95. Which of the following is a liability?
    • a. The funeral home
    • b. Vehicles
    • c. Payroll
    • d. Office equipment
  96. Depreciation can be claimed on which of the following?
    • a. Health insurance
    • b. Vehicles
    • c. Legal expenses
    • d. Payroll
  97. When you record a payment made for a funeral, it will decrease the amount associated with which of the following?
    • a. Accounts payable
    • b. Accounts receivable
    • c. Expenses
    • d. Assets
  98. Which of the following is the best reason to have a website for your funeral home?
    • a. It will allow you to post pictures of your children
    • b. It will provide helpful information to anyone who visits it
    • c. It will help with your funeral home accounting procedures
    • d. You can send email to your staff and customers from it
  99. When a family brings in an actual picture of the deceased to be placed on the memorial folders or prayer cards, you should use which of the following devices with your computer to get the best result?
    • a. A scanner
    • b. A cell phone
    • c. A digital camera
    • d. A memory card
  100. A trial balance will help a business owner do which of the following?
    • a. Keep track of inventory
    • b. Help with vehicle maintenance
    • c. Show profits and losses
    • d. Ensure accurate payroll

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