EELB312 - Midterm 2

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  1. When born, boys and girls have similar what?
    physical development
  2. Puberty causes proportion of fat to total body weight to increase in boys or girls?
  3. speaking, reading, mathematic ability, aggression, empathy...etc Learned or innate?
  4. boys and girls develop full range of skills by developing what?
    both sides of the brain
  5. brain size is relative to?
    body size
  6. right side of the brain controls?
    spatial relations
  7. left side of brain controls? (2)
    • language
    • sequential skills
  8. recreational and interpersonal differences b/w girls and boys are ______ than cognitive and academic differences
    greater than
  9. parents and other significant adults teach the meaning of what?
    female and maleness
  10. what is the main perpetuators of gender stereotyping?
  11. whens someones identity, appearance, or behavior falls outside the conventional gender norms, they are described as...
  12. gender identity is influenced by what? (3)
    • ethnicity
    • class
    • religion
  13. seneca fall convention: what? year?
    • womens struggle for gender equity (right to divorce, speak in public, own property, etc.)
    • 1848
  14. when did feminists come about?
  15. 1963 equal pay act did not prevent what?
    gender discrimination in the work place
  16. which president signed an order to hire women and people of color?
    lyndon johnson
  17. "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the US on account of sex"
    Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  18. ______ is the key to upward mobility and financial security in adulthood
  19. _____ of the education amendments addresses the differential, stereotypical, and discriminatory treatment of students on the basis of their gender?
    Title IX
  20. gap in achievement is between who? (3)
    • whites
    • AAs
    • hispanics
  21. __% of the population identify themselves at LGB
  22. transgender is also called?
  23. lavender scare
    1950s homosexuals were thought to be more of a nat'l security threat than Communists
  24. when was the gay rights movement born?
    • 1969
    • when police raided Stonewall Inn (refuge for gays) in Greenwich Village
  25. how many students in the GLSEN study report being harassed or threatened via online bullying?>
    over half
  26. GSA stands for?
    gay straight alliance
  27. Parc v. Commonwealth of Penn
    support edu to students with intellectual disabilities
  28. Mills v. Board of Ed
    school must provide edu for all children with disabilities
  29. section 5-4 prohibits exclusion from programs
    due to disability
  30. public law 94-142
    education for all handicapped children act
  31. IDEA stands for? what did it add to IEPs?
    • individuals with disabilities education act
    • transition plan was added
  32. IDEA amendments added what to IDEA?
    NCLB and made various improvements like the role of parents
  33. RTI stands for
    response to intervention
  34. b/c IDEA doesnt provide a substantive definition of a "free and appropriate education," the issue has been left to who?
    the courts
  35. what is the only federal program passed by congress dedicated specifically to gifted and talented students?
    The Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act
  36. overrepresentation of who in special education is clearly a major issue in edu?
    ethnic minority students
  37. compares the percentage of a group in a program with the percentage that group represents in the population:
    composition idex
  38. measures the percentage of a group in a program compared to the percentage of other groups:
    risk index
  39. contributing variables to the placement of Ss in special ed: (6)
    • poverty
    • lead poisoning
    • overreferrals
    • racial bias
    • assessment issues
    • unexplained issues
  40. this law requires all language minority students to be educated in sheltered English immersion programs not intended to exceed one year:
    proposition 227
  41. giving value to individuals with intellectual disabilities is called?
    social role valorization
  42. how many non-English speaking people live in the US?
    55 mill
  43. about how many living languages are there?
  44. regional dialects differ by what sounds?
  45. social dialects differ by what sounds?
  46. largest ELL enrollment includes what three places?
    • LA
    • New York
    • Chicago
  47. what percentage of ELL students parents are born outside the country?
  48. most programs today, native language is gradually phased out as the student becomes more proficient in English
    transitional programs
  49. ESL program
    • teach English as a second language
    • NOT a bilingual program
  50. intended to put an end to bilingual education, didn't work
    california prop 227
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