microbio 6 ch 9 antimicrobial chemotherapy part 2 (penicillin, ampicillin, antibiotics, toxicity, an

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  1. would ampicillin be effective against e coli?
  2. would penicillin G be effective against e coli?
  3. what is MRSA?
    methicillin resistant staph aureus
  4. what is methicillin?
    • it was resistant to ß-lactamase.  However with time bacteria were able to
    • evolve a ß-lactamase that attacked this antibiotic, and are thus methicillin
    • resistant). This has become a major health issue with respect to MRSA
    • (methicillin resistant Staph. aureus).
  5. what is vancomycin??
    a glycopeptide that targets the bacterial cell wall. it is effective against MRSA
  6. what is zyvox?
    a drug that is effective against MRSA
  7. what are cephalosporins?
    • they target the bacterial cell wall. They contain a ß-lactam ring and like the cillins can be
    • inactivated by ß-lactamase.
  8. what are the types of antibiotics that inhibit protein synthesis?
    • These include the tetracyclines, the aminoglycosides
    • (kanamycin), and the macrolides (erythromycin).
  9. what do rifampins do?
    They inhibit RNA polymerase and thus transcription
  10. what type of antibiotic inhibits RNA polymerase?
  11. what antibiotics are effective against MRSA?
    zyvox and vancomycin
  12. what do macrolides do?
    inhibit protein synthesis
  13. The total number of antibiotic resistance genes that
    exist in the biosphere are referred to as the ____ _____
    antibiotic resistome
  14. what are the four ways to combat antibiotic resistance?
    • 1. As a clinician do not prescribe antibiotics when not
    • appropriate. Some patients will put pressure on you to give them an antibiotic
    • even though you know it will be ineffective.


    • 2. Patients need to use antibiotics for the prescribed
    • period of time for full effectiveness.


    • 3. Antibiotics need to be banned in agriculture except for
    • treating sick animals. This use leads to resistant strains which can make their
    • way into the farmers, the nearby community and even into your kitchen on raw
    • beef or chicken.


    • 4. Another approach to combat antibiotic resistance is to
    • combine two elements in one pill. Augmentin combines oxacillin with a
    • B-lactamase inhibitor. We could provide multiple antibiotics so that in case there
    • is resistance to one there is another that is effective. One possible danger is
    • that this approach will select plasmids carrying resistance to multiple
    • antibiotics.
  15. what is the antibiotic resistome?
    The total number of antibiotic resistance genes that exist in the biosphere
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