English Vocab #3

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  1. Eminent
    [adj.] prominent; distinguished; famous; noteworthy
  2. Benefactor
    [n.] a donor; one who gives money or gifts
  3. Revitalize
    [v.] to renew something or somebody
  4. Incorporeal
    [adj.] without physical being; existing solely as a spirit
  5. Misnomer
    [n.] an unsuitable name; a wrong name
  6. Exacerbate
    [v.] to make worse; to make more violent or intense
  7. Unparalleled
    [adj.] having no equal
  8. Anachronism
    [n.] something out of time; a chronological mistake
  9. Disparage
    [v.] to criticize; to speak ill of
  10. Intrepid
    [adj.] brave in the face of danger; undaunted
  11. Addendum
    [n.] something added; a supplement
  12. Inundate
    [v]. to overwhelm; to flood with abundance
  13. Superfluous
    [adj.] redundant; exceeding what is necessary; extravagant
  14. Hiatus
    [n.] a break or gap in duration or continuity; a pause
  15. Flummox
    [v.] to confuse; to bewilder; to baffle
  16. Egregious
    [adj.] outrageously bad; ridiculous to an extraordinary degree
  17. Kismet
    [n.] fate; fortune
  18. Peruse
    [v.] to examine or review carefully
  19. Pugnacious
    [adj.] quarrelsome; inclined to fight or be aggressive
  20. Emprise
    [n.] a bold adventure; chivalrous skill or daring
  21. Exculpate
    [v.] to free from guilt or blame; to exonerate
  22. Hackneyed
    [adj.] unoriginal; unimaginative; made commonplace by overuse
  23. Antipode
    [n.] an exact opposite
  24. Embrangle
    [v.] to confuse, perplex, or entangle somebody
  25. Listless
    [adj.] uninterested, weary, lacking energy
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