PH4 Circular motion Oscillations

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  1. What is angular velocity?
    angle swept out Image Uploadtime taken
  2. What is frequency of rotation?
    No. of revolutions per unit time.
  3. What s simple harmonic motion
    When acceleration is proportional to displacement from a fixed point and directed towards it.
  4. Define Natural oscillation
    When a system (with a mass and a force pulling it back to equilibrium) is displaced from equilibrium and released.
  5. Define forced oscillation
    When a system capable of natural oscillations is subjected to a periodically varying driving force.
  6. What is resonance?
    • 1.If in forced vibrations, the frequency of the applied force is equal to the natural frequency of the system.  The amplitude of resulting oscillations is large.
    • 2. At a certain driving frequency, there is a maximum peak in the amplitude of the oscillating load. At this frequency the system is at resonance.
  7. What is damping?
    The dying away of the amplitude due to resistive forces.
  8. What is critical damping?
    When the resistive forces on the system is just enough to prevent oscillations from occurring at all when the system is displaced and released.
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