anatomy back 1 ligaments

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  1. Each bony surface of the Synovial Facet Joints is covered by:
    articular cartilage
  2. purpose of synovial fluid:
    • contained c/in fibrous joint capsule
    • permits movement
  3. what is the nuchal ligament?
    • a strong sheet of fibrous ligamentus tissue
    • prevents forward flexion of cervical spine
    • serves as attachments of major muscles  
    • runs from the Occipital Protuberance  to the Spinous Process of the 1st Thoracic Vertebra
  4. attachments of the anterior longitudinal ligament?
    most superior point of attachment is:
    • Runs the length of the “Anterior” aspect of the  Cervical Spine (continues distally)
    • Anterior Tubercle of the Atlas attaching to the Vertebral Bodies
    • most superior: Anterior Tubercle of the Atlas
  5. posterior longitudinal ligament:
    is much “Broader and Thicker” in the neck as compared to the rest of the
  6. at the level of the body of the axis, the posterior longitudinal ligament becomes:
    the tectorial membrane
  7. the highest part of the posterior longitudinal ligament is the:
    tectorial membrane
  8. attachments for the tectorial membrane:
    • Attached to the base of the occiput & to the Body of the Axis
    • continues inferiorly as the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament traveling all the way down the spine to the sacrum
  9. Ligaments associated c/ holding the Odontoid Process in place (making it a stable pivot in which rotation occurs):
    • transverse ligament of the atlas
    • Cruciform Ligament   (collectively consist of: superior and Inferior band & transverse ligament )
    • tectorial ligament
  10. transverse ligament
    lies directly beneath:
    holds dens against:
    attached on each side to:
    • lies directly beneath: tectorial membrane
    • holds dens against: ant arch
    • attached on each side to: medial tubercles on the atlas
    • prevents: the Odontoid Process from being displaced posteriorly
  11. cruciform ligament
    collectively consists of:
    • superior and Inferior band & transverse ligament
    • Superior Band: runs upward from the Transverse Ligament to the Base of the Occiput
    • Inferior Band: runs downward to the Body of the Axis
  12. what are the Ligaments that connect the Vertebral Arches?
    • ligamentum flavum
    • Atlantooccipital Ligament & Atlantoaxial Ligament
  13. Thearches of the regular cervical vertebra are held together by strips of‘Yellowish Fibrous Tissue” known collectively as the
    Ligamentum Flavum
  14. The arches of the Atlas and Axis and edges of the Foramen Magnum are held together by a “Loose and Flexible Sleeve of Fibrous Tissue” known as the
    the Atlantooccipital Ligament and Atlantoaxial Ligament
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