Lecture 23

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  1. What are three classes of mammals
    • Eutheria : eutherians
    • Prototheria: monotremes
    • Metatheria: marsupials

    Australia has all three
  2. Describe monotremes
    • In monotremes we have echidnas and platypus.¬†
    • These are in Oz and PNG
    • they have some reptilian characteristics in that they lay some soft shelled eggs
    • they however feed their young through lactating pores that secrete milk
    • Platypus : detect weak electronic field through specialized sensors in their bills
    • Echidna: short beaked/long beaked, produce milk , lay eggs and have no tete has electroreception eat ants.
  3. Describe marsupials
    • Females have young in pouch
    • Distributed in S.A ,NZ,PNG,AUS
    • Can be polyprodont or diprodont
    • Polyprodont more than one pair of incisors :carnivores/omnivores bilbies¬†
    • Diprodont: herbivores/omnivores wombats,koalas,kangaroos and possums
    • Macropods: tree kangaroo,musky rat kangaroo, tammar wallaby
    • Possum and gliders : mountain pygmy possum
    • marsupial mole: lives underground, blind,very successful
  4. Describe Eutherians
    • Rodents, mice and bats
    • marine : whales, dolphins,seals and duegongs
    • Introduced mammals: cats, fo dingoes , horses all pets
    • Dingoes:
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