Organic Chemistry

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  1. Compounds obtained from living organisms.
    Organic Compounds
  2. The study of hydrocarbons and their derivatives
    Organic Chemistry
  3. A compound that contains carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms
  4. Compound contains carbon and hydrogen and one or more additional element
    Hydrocarbon Derivatives
  5. Hydrocarbon in which all carbon-carbon bonds are single bonds
    Saturated Hydrocarbons
  6. Hydrocarbon in which one or more carbon-carbon multiple bonds
    Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
  7. A saturated hydrocarbon in which the carbon atom arrangement is acyclic
  8. Molecular formulas of all alkanes fit the general formula:?
  9. The specific three-dimesional arrangement of atoms in an organic molecule at a given instant the results from notations about carbon-carbons single bonds
  10. Methane
  11. Ethane
  12. Propane
  13. Butane
  14. Pentane
  15. Hexane
  16. Heptane
  17. Octane
  18. Nonane
  19. Decane
  20. Name of IUPAC
    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
  21. Group of atoms that would be obtained by removing a hydrogen atom from an alkane
    Alkyl Group
  22. Formal IUPAC rule for naming branched-chain alkanes
    • 1. Identify the longest carbon chain, which may or may not be shown in a straight line
    • 2.Number the carbon atoms in the parent chain from the end of the chain nearest a substituent
    • 3. If only one alkyl group is present, name and locate it by number, and prefix the number and name to that of the parent carbon chain
    • 4. If two or more the same kind of molecule, indicate with a Greek Numerical prefix:-di, -tri, -tetra and -penta.

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Organic Chemistry
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Organic Chemistry

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