Linking phrases

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  1. meaning 'and' these phrases introduce additional information or arguments (3)
    • in addition to
    • not to mention
    • on top of wich
  2. meaning 'because' these phrases introduce a reason for what has gone before or what is about to be said (3)
    • in view of
    • out of
    • owing to
  3. meaning 'but' these phrases balance or emphasise contrasting points (4)
    • by contrast
    • in spite of
    • in any case
    • even so
  4. meaning 'if' these phrases introduce a condition (6)
    • whether or not
    • as long as
    • on condition that
    • in the event of
    • in case
    • assuming that
  5. meaning 'therefore' these phrases show that what is said follows logically from what went before (5)
    • as a result
    • for this reason
    • with the result that
    • this means that
    • as a consequence
  6. meaning 'in order to' these phrases introduce a reason for something previously said (4)
    • in order to
    • with the aim of -ing
    • with a view to -ing
    • so as to
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