Muscle Structure Key Terms

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  1. Fasciculi
    Bundles of muscle fibers that make up the muscle belly.
  2. Muscle Belly
    The whole muscle composed of many individual muscle fibers.
  3. Epimysium
    Connective tissue that surrounds the muscle belly.
  4. Perimysium
    Connective tissue that surrounds the fasciculi.
  5. Endomysium
    Connective tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers.
  6. Actin
    The thin protein filament found in muscle cells that together with myosin form sarcomeres, the contractile units of skeletal muscle.
  7. Myosin
    The thick protein filament that together with actin form sarcomeres, the contractile units of skeletal muscle.
  8. Sarcomere
    The contractile units of skeletal muscle. They are composed of two myofilaments, actin and myosin.
  9. Tendoms
    The extension of epimysium, perimysium and endomysium which attaches the muscle to the bones of the body.
  10. Myofibrils
    Individual muscle fibers made up of hundreds of smaller elements.
  11. Tropomyosin
    Threadlike spirals that wrap around the actin filament which covers the myosin binding site which prevents myosin attachment during the relaxed state.
  12. Troponin
    A calcium receptor that sits on top of troponin. In the presence of calcium it pulls tropomyosin away from the myosin binding site and allows myosin to bind to the actin filament and the sliding filament mechanism to commence.
  13. Myosin Cross Bridge
    The arm and head of myosin filament which extends to bind onto the actin filament.
  14. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
    A system of membranous sacs that surround the myofibrils. The sarcoplasm stores calcium and regulates its release during muscular contraction.

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Muscle Structure Key Terms
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