muscles of the cervical region

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  1. overall function of the suboccipital muscles:
    Extenders of the Head and Ipsilateral Rotators
  2. function of rectus capitis major:
    • ipsilateral rotation of  head and extension with possible
    • contributions to ipsilateral lateral bending
  3. function of rectus capitus minor:
    Extension of the head
  4. attachment and function of Longus Capitis
    • From base of occiput to 4th thru 6th TP’s
    • Weak flexors of head and cervical spine
  5. attachment and function of Longus cervicis
    • Bodies to bodies c/ extension of attachment to TP’s
    • Weak flexors of head and cervical spine
  6. attachment of
    ant and middle scalene:
    post scalene:

    • Anterior arises from the Anterior Tubercles of the TP’s
    • Middle & Post arise from the Posterior Tubercles of the TP’s
    • Anterior & Middle insert onto the 1st Rib
    • Post inserts onto the 1st and 2nd Rib
  7. function of the scalenes:
    raising the upper ribs during deep inspiration
  8. the scalenes have imp relationships to the:
    Subclavian Artery and the Brachial Plexus
  9. function of the semispinalis capititis:
    extension of the head, when we are bending forward the “Tonic Action” of Semispinalis prevents gravity from Flexing the Head
  10. attachments of the semispinalis capitis:
    • Arises from “multiple tendons of origin” from the Articular Processes from C4 to C7 and TP’s T1 to T6
    • Superiorly it inserts onto the Occiput
  11. function of the splenius:
    assists in rotating the head to the same side
  12. attachments of the splenius:
    • It is a “broad strap of muscle”
    • arises from the SP of T3 to C7 and from the lower half of the Nuchal Ligament
    • insert on the lateral half of the Superior Nuchal Line and on the back of the Mastoid Process
  13. attachments of the trapezius:
    • Upper Part of the Trapezius arises from the Medial Part of the Superior Nuchal Line and from the Nuchal Ligament (occipital protuberance)
    • insert on the Spine of the Scapular,the Acromium, and the Lateral 3rd of the Clavicle
  14. function of the trapezius:
    • defines the shape and outline of the neck
    • extends the head and keeps head upright
  15. unilateral contraction of the SCM causes:
    contralateral rotation
  16. bilateral contraction of the SCM causes:
    Flexion of the Head and Neck
  17. two Sternocleidomastoid Muscles together with the Medial Ends of the Clavicle define:
    this “Hallow” located in the lower part of the Neck
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