French 101 COCC- Les prépositions à et de

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  1. À indicates__________________.
    location or destination. "in" or "to"
  2. Arnaud habite à Paris.
    Arnaud lives in Paris.
  3. Il étudie à la bibliothèque.
    He studies at (in) the library.
  4. Il arrive à Bruxelles demain.
    He's coming to Brussels tomorrow.
  5. Arnaud donne un livre à son copain.
    Arnaud gives (to) his friend a book.
  6. Arnaud montre une photo à Delphine.
    Arnaud shows (to) Delphine a photo.
  7. Il parle à un professeur.
    He's speaking to a proffesor.
  8. Il téléphone à un ami.
    He's calling (to) a friend.
  9. De indicates where something/someone ________________.
    comes from/ belongs to.
  10. Medhi est de Casablanca.
    Medhi is from Casablanca.
  11. Il arrive de la bibliothèque.
    He is coming from the library.
  12. De also indicates ______________.

    (expressed by " 's " or "of" in english and the concept of belonging to; being a part of.)
  13. Voici la librairie de Madame Vernier.
    Here is Madame Vernier's bookstore.
  14. J'aime mieux la librairie de l'université.
    I prefer the university('s) bookstore.


    The bookstore "of the" university.
  15. When used with parler, de means __________.
  16. Nous parlons de la littérature contemporaine.
    We're talking about contemporary literature.
  17. à + le =?

    Arnaud arrive au cinéma.
  18. à + les =?

    Arnaud arrive aux cours.
  19. à + la =?
    à la

    Arnaud arrive à la librairie.
  20. à + l' =?
    à l'

    Arnaud arrive à l'université.
  21. de + le =?

    Arnaud arrive du cinéma.
  22. de + les =?

    Arnaud arrive des cours.
  23. de + la =?
    de la

    Arnaud arrive de la librairie.
  24. de + l' =?
    de l'

    Arnaud arrive de l'université.
  25. When jouer is followed by preposition à, it means ______________________.
    To play a team sport or game.
  26. When jouer is followed by preposition de, it means __________________________.
    To play a musical instrument.
  27. Martine joue au tennis.
    Martine plays tennis.
  28. Phillipe joue du piano.
    Phillipe plays the piano.
  29. "Je fais" means?
    To play an individual activity.
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à vs de

Prepositions give information about the relationship between two words. Examples in english are :at, before, for, in, of, to, under, without. In french, the prepositions à and de sometimes contract with articles.
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