Cranial Nerves

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  1. Olfactory

    ask client to close eyes and ID smells
  2. Optic
    Vision and Visual Fields

    Snellen Chart, check V Fields by confrontation and ophthalmoscopic exam
  3. Occulomotor
    Extraocular eye movement, Sphincter of Pupil, Ciliary muscles of lens

    Assess 6 movements and pupil reaction
  4. Trochlear
    moves eye downward and laterally

    assess 6 ocular movements
  5. Trigeminal
    Sensation of cornea, Skin of Face, Nasal Mucosa
  6. Trigeminal- Ophthalmic branch

    • while client looks up lightly touch lateral sclera with sterile gauze to elicit blink reflex
    • light sensation/ have client close eyes wipe cotton over forehead and paranasal sinuses
    • deep sensation/safety pin alternate sharp and¬†blunt over forehead and paranasal
  7. Trigeminal - Maxillary Branch

    Sensation of Skin of face and anterior oral cavity
  8. Trigeminal Maxillary Branch

    Assess skin sensation using safety pin alternating sharp and blunt over forehead and paranasal
  9. Trigeminal Mandibular Branch

    Muscle of Mastication, sensation of the skin of the face
  10. Trigeminal Mandibular Branch

    ask client to clench teeth
  11. Abducens

    Function and assessment
    moves eyeball laterally

    assess directions of gaze
  12. Facial

    Function and assessment
    Facial Expressions, taste anterior 2/3 of tongue

    raise eyebrows, puff cheeks, close eyes tight, ID tastes
  13. Vestibulococchlear
    Equlibrium and hearing

    • Romberg Test
    • clients ability to hear spoken words and tuning fork
  14. Glossopharyngeal
    Swallowing, tongue movement, taste front 1/3 of tongue

    taste ID, move tongue side to side and up and down
  15. Vagus
    sensation of pharynx and larynx, swallowing and vocal cord

    assess speech for hoarsness
  16. Accessory
    head movement, shrugging of shoulders

    have client shrug shoulders against resistance, turn head side to side against resistance
  17. Hypoglossal
    Protrusion of tongue, moves tongue up and down and side to side

    have client move tongue side to side up and down and stick it out
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