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  1. serendipity
    accidental good fortune; discovering good things without looking for them
  2. servile
    submissive and subservient; like a servent
  3. singular
    unique; superior; exceptional; strange
  4. sinister
    evil, wicked; foreshadowing evil, trouble, or wickedness
  5. slander
    to speak badly about someone publicly; to defame; to spread malicious rumour
  6. sloth
    laziness; sluggishness
  7. sobriety
    the state of being sober; seriousness
  8. solicitous
    eager and attentive, often to the point of hovering; anxiously caring or attentive
  9. scrutinize
    to examine very carefully
  10. secular
    having nothing to do with religion or spiritual concerns
  11. sedition
    treason, incitement of public disorder or rebellion
  12. segregate
    to separate
  13. sensory
    having to do with the senses or sensation
  14. sentient
    able to perceive by the senses; conscious
  15. sequester
    to set or keep apart
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