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  1. Image Upload 1Mary Queen of Scots
    • Elizabeth 1's cousin although
    • they never met.

    Executed February 8th 1587.

    • Marry's and has children with
    • James 1 of England.

    • Catholic, and so is a big threat
    • to Elizabeth during her reign as majority of Catholics see her as rightful heir
    • to the throne, many plots are planned to overthrow Elizabeth for Mary.

    • Ruled Scotland December 1542-July
    • 1567.
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    Mary of Guise
    Mary, Queen of Scots mother.
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    Katherine Ashley
    • Born Catherine Champernowne and became Kat
    • Ashley after she was appointed as Elizabeth's governess in 1537.

    • Remained loyal to the queen until her death
    • in 1565.

    • She taught Elizabeth four languages, French, Italian, Flemish and
    • Spanish.
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