Science Chemistry 2

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  1. What is a polymer?
    A polymer is a large complex molecule built from smaller molecules joined together in reappears ting pattern.
  2. How do polymers form?
    Polymers form when chemical bonds link large numbers of monomers in a repeating pattern.
  3. The structure of most polymers are built from  compounds of the element?
  4. The smaller molecule form which polymers are built are called?
  5. True or False?Living things produce many natural materials made of large polymer molecules?
  6. What are two polymers made by plants?
    Cellulose & Starches
  7. True or False?Your best wool sweater is made from natural polymers
    True its from sheep's fur
  8. In your body, proteins are polymers assembled from monomers called
    Amino acids
  9. The starting materials for most synthetic polymers come from?
    Coal or oil
  10. What are plastics?
    Synthetic polymers that can be molded or shaped
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Science Chemistry 2
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