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  1. Prosperity
    The state of being successful or flourishing
  2. Coax
    To try to persuade by gentle but constant asking or other measures
  3. Transfixed
    Motionless with amazement or horror
  4. Pillar
    A slender, upright column used to support a roof

    One who strongly supports a work or cause
  5. Reverently
    With feelings of deep respect
  6. Askew
    Not lined up straight; awry
  7. Flank
    To be placed at the side of
  8. Presume
    • 1) to suppose to be true
    • 2) to act without permission or authority
  9. Endeavor
    To make a major effort
  10. Resolve
    • 1. To make a firm decision
    • 2. To bring to a conclusion
  11. Appalled
    Surprised and dismayed
  12. Frivolous
    Not serious or important; silly
  13. Secluded
    Kept apart from everything else
  14. Perilous
  15. Subside
    • 1. To sink or fall to the bottom; settle
    • 2. To become less in strength or violence
  16. Hostile
    Unfriendly; unfavorable to one's well-being
  17. Persevere
    To keep on; to persist
  18. Cunning
    Sly or clever
  19. Contemplate
    To regard thoughtfully
  20. Gravity
  21. Fathom
    To comprehend (understand) in depth
  22. Placidly
    Calmly; peacefully
  23. Impotent
  24. Imperative
  25. Inevitable
    Unavoidable; bound to happen
  26. Waver
    To be uncertain; to fluctuate; to swing back and forth
  27. Diligent
  28. Squander
    To waste
  29. Indignant
    Angry about something that is unfair, mean, or bad
  30. Animosity
    A feeling of resentment that could lead to violence; hostility
  31. Audacious
    Bold; daring
  32. Provoke
    • 1. To make angry; to annoy
    • 2. To arouse to action or feeling
  33. Warily
    On guard; alert to or looking out for danger
  34. Vehemently
    Intensely; Strongly or violenty
  35. Destined
    To be determined or established ahead of time
  36. Confront
    To oppose; to come face to face with
  37. Compliant
    Submissive; yielding
  38. Obstinate
    Stubborn; clinging, usually unreasonably, to an opinion, purpose, or course.
  39. Compel
    To force
  40. Deliberate
    To consider; to reflect upon.

    Decided upon as a result of careful thought.
  41. Solemn
    Serious and thoughtful
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