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  1. Fashioned
    Made, built, or shaped
  2. Towering
    Reaching a height above othrrs
  3. Radiant
    Shining or giving off light; beaming, as with joy or energy
  4. Serpentine
    Twisting & turning
  5. Plead
    To beg
  6. Quake
    To shake or vibrate
  7. Streak
    To move very fast; to leave a mark with a different color or texture from its background
  8. Bellow
    To give a loud, deep roar
  9. Descend
    To go down
  10. Colossal
  11. Ascend
    To go up
  12. Indefinite
    Not fixed or limited; not measurable; not clear
  13. Validate
    To prove to be true
  14. Corrupt
    To change from good to bad
  15. Depict
    To describe by words or by picture
  16. Contrary
    Opposing or resisting
  17. Devour
    To eat or consume greedily
  18. Despair
    Loss of hope
  19. Wail
    To grieve or cry
  20. Presently
  21. Monument
    Something that serves as a reminder of something else-- especially a building or statue
  22. Enigma
    A mystery
  23. Baffling
    Hard to understand
  24. Splendor
  25. Devastating
    Causing ruin
  26. Ruthless
    Cruel; showing no mercy
  27. Chide
    To scold or rebuke
  28. Irate
    Very angry
  29. Captor
    Someone who takes another captive
  30. Emerge
    To come out and into view
  31. Brood
    To think deeply about something with unhappiness or anxiety
  32. Feat
    An act or deed, especially one showing courage, strength, skill, or cleverness
  33. Voraciously
    Greedily and eagerly
  34. Petrified
    Motionless with fear or horror
  35. Defy
    To challenge or dare; to boldly refuse to obey or yield
  36. Sinister
    Evil; wicked
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