Science Chemistry 2 vocabulary

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  1. Polymer
    A large complex molecule built from smaller molecules joined together in a repeating pattern
  2. Monomer
    The smaller molecules in which polymers are made
  3. Plastic
    Synthetic polymers that can be molded or shaped
  4. Composite
    A combination of two ono more substances in a new material with different properties
  5. Alloy
    A mixture made of two or more elements that has the properties of metal
  6. Ceramics
    Hard crystalline solids made by heating clay and other mineral materials to high temperatures
  7. Glass
    A clear solid material with no crystal structure created by heating sand to a very high temperate
  8. Optical fiber
    Is a threadlike piece of glass ( or plastic)that can be used for transmitting light
  9. Nuclear reaction
    Reactions involving the particles in the nucleus off an atom
  10. Radioactive decay
    The atomic nuclei of unstable isotopes release fast moving particles and energy
  11. Radiactivity
    Spontaneous emission of radiation by an unstable nucleusnucleus
  12. Alpha particle
    Two protons and two neutrons and is positively charged
  13. Beta particle
    Is fastest moving electron given off by a nucleus during radioactive decay
  14. Gamma radiation
    High energy waves similar to X-rays
  15. Half-life
    The length of time needed for half of the atoms of a sample to decay
  16. Radioactive dating
    The process of determining the age of an object using the half-life of one or more radioactive isotopes
  17. Tracers
    Radioactive isotopes that can be followed through the steps of a chemical reaction or an industrial process
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