voc. words for l.a

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  1. Dashed
    having gaps in something
  2. Self-destruct
    doing away with itself
  3. brood
    young certain animal
  4. kinks
    a sharp twist or cure in something that is other wise straight
  5. Mace
    a heavy club typically having a mental head on aped spikes
  6. Inexorably
    in and inexorable manner
  7. Insanity
    the state of being seriously mentally
  8. Brutality
    physical violence
  9. Proclaimed
    announce in publicly
  10. Align
    place arrange in straight line
  11. Controversy
    disagreement pubic and heated
  12. Mutual
    feel or action 2 or more parties of gov't
  13. Protest
    objections something
  14. Artifacts

    an object made by humans
  15. Proclaimed
    announce publicly
  16. Bitterness
    sharpness of taste
  17. Generations
    • born same time
    •    EX: the same year
  18. Eyewitness
    you was there you saw what was going on.
  19. Perplexing
    cause (someone) to feel comp. baffled
  20. Tranquil
    free from disturbance
  21. Desegregation
    RACIAL , 
  22. Anemia
    pallor resulting
  23. Creeds
    a faith
  24. profoundly
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