Economics Chp. 13 (4)

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  1. Depression
    Severe, long term recession
  2. Innovation
    The taking of a concept or invention into something useful and value ( Internet, alternative energy use, CAT scan, robotics, GPS)
  3. Economic Indicators
    Statistics that's measure specific variables of economy
  4. Leading indicator
    Statistics that point to what will happen in the future (ahead of impact
  5. Examples of Leading Indicators
    • New orders for products 
    • change in hourly rates of work
    • stock prices 
    • interest rates
  6. Coincident Indicators
    Statistics that change at the same time economy is changing
  7. Examples of Coincident Indicators
    • Personal income
    • production rates 
    • changes in sales dollars
  8. Logging indicators
    Statistics that follow changes in an economy
  9. Examples of Logging Indicators
    • Length of unemployment 
    • outstanding or late payment of loans 
    • changes in prime interest rates
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