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  1. Popularity of credit during 1920s?
  2. Changing ideas/behavior of women during the 1920s?
    More progressive
  3. Economy of 1920s—Slow? Recession? Booming?
    Booming- the roaring 20’s
  4. Causes of Great Depression?
    The stock market crash was not the cause of GD
  5. Dates of Great Depression?
    1929 through 1940’s
  6. Hoover’s view of the individual?
    No gov’t handouts and believed in the self made man
  7. Role of unevenly distributed income and the Great Depression?
    Yes it played a role
  8. FDR’s attempted to end the Great Depression by doing what?
    Pumping money into economy and providing jobs for the unemployed
  9. Percentage of unemployed Americans at the height of the Great Depression?
  10. Did everyone suffer during the Depression?
  11. Okies?
    Farmers from mid-west that traveled to California
  12. Hoovervilles?
    Slum area for unemployed
  13. Dust Bowl?
    2 year drought in Midwest
  14. Which country most deeply felt the effects of the Great Depression?
  15. Which country had social programs already in place?
    Great Britain
  16. Which country had a lack of labor and was therefore initially slow in feeling the full force of the Great Depression?
    France because they had more jobs than workers
  17. Name of FDR’s domestic policy?
    New deal
  18. Fireside chats?
    Periodical radio broadcasts of FDR
  19. Social Security Act?
    Deals with more than retirement
  20. CCC?
    Civilian conservation corps- workers of forest and soil worked on camps mainly in national parks
  21. TVA?
    Tenn valley authority- 1st dam in muscle Sholes al
  22. Effect of Great Depression on African-Americans at beginning of Great Depression? End of Great Depression?
    Little in beginning but got progressively worse to bad
  23. Great Depression and dangerous, expensive public works projects?
    Decreased wages and needed workers so yes
  24. Role of WWII and the end of the Great Depression?
    World war 2 got us out of great depression
  25. FDR and social programs and their legacy today?
    Change role of government and they are still evident today
  26. Socialism-
    peaceful and democratic- state ownership and fundamental means
  27. Communism-
    owned by people as a whole, “theoretically” revolution
  28. Capitalism-
    private- prices and market
  29. 1939-1945-
    dates of WW2
  30. June 6, 1944-
  31. December 7, 1941-
    Attack on pearl harbor
  32. D-day was AKA-
    invasion of Europe, invasion of Normandy
  33. Code name of D-Day-
  34. After what event did Germany and the Soviet Union go to war?
    After Germany invaded Soviet Union
  35. Surrender between U.S. and Japan occurred aboard the?
    USS Missouri
  36. “Island Hopping” as a strategy?
    How US defeated Japan (amphibious landings)
  37. Significance of Poland as a cause of WWII?
    France and Great Britain once Germany invaded
  38. Vichy France vs. Occupied France?
    Vichy- Part of France, no German troops there, occupied had German troops there
  39. Casablanca-
    demanded the unconditional surrender of axis powers
  40. Tehran-
    1st meeting of big 3, and set date of operation overlord
  41. Yalta-
    set final plans of defeat of Germany, plan for post war Europe
  42. Potsdam-
    unconditional surrender of Japan, Truman alluded to having the atomic bomb, and administration of post war Germany
  43. Atom-
    Manhattan project- dropped on Hiroshima
  44. Final solution-
    holocaust (killing of Jews)
  45. Lend/lease
    FDR to supply Great Britain and still remain neutral
  46. Magic-
    us code breaking team
  47. Purple-
    Japanese version of enigma
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