SS Ch 6 Review

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  1. How were schools in colonial times different from schools today?
    • -had only one room
    • -learned basic RWM (reading writing math)
    • -taught how to be polite
    • -all grades were in one classroom
  2. Why were some of the English colonies home to people of many different religions?
    It was a safe place for people to practice their religion freely.
  3. What was the only book in the colonies that sold more copies than Poor Richard's Almanack during the mid-1700s?
  4. Describe some common meals that a colonial family might enjoy.
    • Pancakes
    • donuts
    • fruit pies
    • corn
    • bread
    • fish and meat
  5. In which region of the 13 colonies did slavery expand most rapidly during the 1700s?
    Southern colonies
  6. How were enslaved Africans able to keep their traditions alive on the plantations?
    • sing songs about god
    • spent time with family
    • made musical instruments
  7. What happened during the Stono Rebellion?
    Slaves fought against slave owners
  8. What was Olaudah Equiano's opinion of slavery?
    He hated slavery and thought slaves should be treated fairly.
  9. Describe New England colonies:
    • economy based on products from forest & Sea (fishing and timber)
    • ship building
    • cold winters
    • involved in triangular trade routes (same as Southern)
  10. Describe Southern Colonies:
    • economy based on growing cash crops on small farms and large plantations using slaves
    • mild winters
    • involved in triangular trade routes (same as New England)
  11. Explain the hardship and benefits of working as an apprentice.
    • Benefit: learned from experienced workers (artisan)
    • Hardship: long hours and little free time
  12. Which region was known as "the breadbasket of the colonies"? Why?
    Middle colonies because they grew so much wheat
  13. Describe a common triangular trade route. Where did the ships sail? what did they carry from each port?
    • Shaped like triangle
    • Sailed from the colonies
    • Carried guns and goods
  14. Describe a Middle Colony Town.
    • Farmers sold crops in market places in town
    • self sufficient
    • farming was important part of economy
  15. Describe Southern plantation.
    • the work was done by slaves
    • farming important
    • self sufficient
  16. What are some ways that Benjamin Franklin helped improve life for people in Philadelphia?
    started the first newspaper, library, and hospital, volunteer fire department
  17. New England towns were often built according to a careful design…did this help?
    Yes because everything was centrally located.
  18. What types of crops were grown on plantations in the Southern Colonies?
    • cash crops:
    • tobacco
    • rice
    • indigo
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