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  1. A speech outline should indicate the most important and the least important information according to which of the following principles?
  2. "If a student needs an article about diabetes that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association which of the following would be the best tool to use?"
    Periodical database
  3. The speed at which a speech is delivered is referred to as which of the following?
  4. Which of the following explains how oral style differs from written style?
    More repetition
  5. "Analyzing an audience based on beliefs
  6. Information gathered through research that reinforces points in a speech is referred to as which of the following?
    Supporting materials
  7. "If a person is delivering a speech with evidence
    which of the following factors will most likely make the speech more effective?"
  8. Which of the following would be the best source for finding the state tree of Delaware?
  9. The dictionary definition of a word is referred to as which of the following?
    Denotative meaning
  10. What are the three primary purposes of most speeches?
  11. "In an audience analysis questionnaire
    which type of question allows respondents to answer however they want?"
  12. "The use of language to defame
  13. Which of the following introductory methods would be appropriate for an audience that is distracted or disinterested?
    Making a startling statement
  14. Communication that uses more words than necessary to express an idea is referred to as which of the following?
  15. Which of the following indexes Web pages and scans them to find a requested topic?
    Search engine
  16. "Once a speech topic has been chosen
    which of the following needs to be determined next?"
  17. Which of the following is most important for a speaker to do when addressing a knowledgeable audience?
    Emphasize that the subject matter will be new and useful
  18. How are facts and figures most often used in persuasive speeches?
    To provide a basis for argument
  19. Which of the following terms describes the act of mistaking one word for another?
  20. Which of the following often helps speakers relieve excess energy and apprehension during a speech?
    Making appropriate gestures and bodily movements
  21. The perception held by listeners regarding a speaker's qualifications is referred to as which of the following?
  22. What is the most important thing to consider when evaluating a speech based on artistic standards?
    Language and structure
  23. "According to studies
    which of the following elements of a speech has the greatest emotional impact on listeners?"
  24. "Which of the following patterns of organization begins with minor points
    uses the strongest points in the middle
  25. Opinions that support claims presented by a speaker are referred to as which of the following?
    Testimonial evidence
  26. Audience adaptation cannot occur during a speech without which of the following?
    Eye contact
  27. Speeches presented at formal occasions should be characterized by which of the following?
    Subtle humor
  28. A speaker who considers a public speech an opportunity to talk to a group about an important topic is using which of the following to reduce speech apprehension?
    Communication orientation
  29. A speaker who concludes a speech by increasing the intensity of the presentation is using which of the following?
    Crescendo ending
  30. Which two characteristics best describe modern audiences?
    Unique and diverse
  31. How can a speech student benefit from criticizing the speeches of others?
    Improve ability to evaluate own speeches
  32. Questions prepared in advance of an interview are referred to as which of the following?
  33. Which of the following can be integrated into a speech to keep an audience attentive?
  34. "According to the principle of division
    how many sub-points should a main point on an outline have if it is to be divided?"
  35. An informative speech that presents detailed information and research about a complex topic is referred to as which of the following?
    Expository speech
  36. "In order for a testimony to be persuasive
    it should have which of the following characteristics?"
  37. Which of the following refers to main points of a speech outline being worded in a similar structural pattern?
  38. What is the primary difference between evaluating speeches given in a speech course and evaluating speeches given in a professional situation?
  39. "If a brief example will not clearly explain a point for audience members
    then it should be expanded into which of the following?"
  40. Assuming that a speaker will be dull before listening to the speech is an example of which of the following types of barriers?
    Self fullfilling prophecy
  41. Which of the following is considered the key characteristic of the most effective and successful public speakers?
    Conversational quality
  42. "According to Aristotle
    the impression a speaker makes through his or her communication skills is referred to as which of the following?"
  43. The amount of anxiety a person feels before giving a speech is referred to as which of the following?
    Anticipation reaction
  44. The location and occasion of a speech refers to which of the following terms?
  45. Which of the following is a common mistake made in speech conclusions?
    Introducing new ideas
  46. "Which best describes the following statement: ""Since 1999
    enrollment in trade schools has increased by 10% every three years""?"
  47. Which of the following terms refers to the accepted manner of forming and accenting syllables in a word?
  48. Taking ideas or phrases from two or three sources and presenting the combined material as one's own is referred to as which of the following?
    Patchwork plagiarism
  49. A speaker who asks audience members to cover their ears during part of a presentation about deafness is using which of the following methods to gain audience attention?
    Inviting audience participation
  50. Which of the following is NOT a typical method of generating speech topics?
    Venn diagram
  51. Which of the following is an advantage of limiting a speech topic?
    Analyze a subject in depth
  52. Which of the following elements from the Toulmin model refers to the reasoning process that is either verbalized or implied during an argument?
  53. How does the inclusion of connectives benefit a speech?
    Increases unity and coherence
  54. Which of the following is the primary purpose of an introduction to a speech?
    Gain the attention of the audience
  55. Which two factors are the most important when determining the outcome of a speech?
    Speaker and audience
  56. "While listening to an oral presentation
    a speech critic should do which of the following?"
  57. Which of the following is considered an advantage of memorizing a speech?
    Increased freedom for gestures and bodily movements
  58. "A speech that intends to influence or change the feelings
  59. Which of the following would be most appropriate for introducing a speech about alternative music?
    Playing a brief excerpt from a song
  60. Which of the following appeals attempts to rise above a conflict in order to find similarities that will bring about unity?
  61. Which of the following modes of speech delivery occurs when a speaker uses an outline or brief notes?
  62. Which of the following would be suitable for a politician who wants to rally supporters with a speech?
    "Words with strong
  63. Which of the following is considered a high-context culture?
    South Korea
  64. Which of the following ethical concepts is based on the idea that no natural laws exist that must be followed absolutely?
    Situation ethics
  65. "When evaluating the content of a speech
    which of the following should be considered?"
  66. Which of the following demographic elements is most important for a speaker to consider when deciding what kind of supporting material to provide and what terms and language to use?
  67. A skeptical audience is more likely to be persuaded by which of the following?
    Documented information from several objective sources
  68. Criticism of a speech should be based on which of the following?
    Accepted standards
  69. A speech topic is most appropriate if the speaker has which of the following?
    Subject matter competence
  70. Which of the following patterns of organization begins with information that is known to the audience and then progresses into information that is new and challenging?
    Familiarity acceptance
  71. "In his inaugural address
    John F. Kennedy said
  72. Which of the following is a typical error that occurs when reasoning from specific instances?
    Hasty generalization
  73. "Assessing the age
  74. "In an informative speech
    which of the following states what the speaker hopes the audience will learn?"
  75. What term is used for reminding an audience about the thesis during the conclusion of a speech?
    Instant replay function
  76. With which of the following communication activities do people spend the most time?
  77. The tendency to attribute a complex event to a single cause often occurs with which of the following?
    Casual reasoning
  78. "When a speaker uses ""he"" in reference to both men and women
    the speaker is using which of the following?"
  79. "Which of the following types of speech arrangements would be most appropriate for topics such as ""the evolution of the modern automobile"" or ""the steps toward home ownership""?"
  80. If a person wished to persuade their audience to do something they would give a:
    Speech to gain immediate action
  81. "The process of evaluating a speech based on its value
  82. Which of the following techniques can improve listening skills?
    Make eye contact with the speaker
  83. A speech that is delivered with sincerity and conviction uses which of the following as a method of persuasion?
    Emotional appeal
  84. The idea that listeners search for information that supports their own opinions and values is referred to as which of the following?
    Selective exposure
  85. When an audience believes the speaker has credibility before he begins speaking it is called.
    Initial credibility
  86. Inflections are:
    Changes in the speaker’s pitch or tone.
  87. Which of the following would NOT be included in a preparation outline?
  88. A biology teacher is giving a lecture and quotes a famous scientist who works in a genetic laboratory. This is called:
    Expert testimony
  89. What is the difference between an internal preview and a preview statement?
    "A preview statement is at the beginning of a speech and introduces the main points of the speech
  90. A speaker who repeatedly uses the words “like” and “um” will likely be criticized for:
  91. Which type of connective is the following phrase “let’s now discuss”?
  92. A dentist is asked to give a presentation for an elementary school class about what they do for their job. What type of speech will they be giving?
    Informative speech
  93. Which of the following is another word for credibility?
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