Week Five 220 acronym

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  1. FHS
    Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  2. ACPI
    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
  3. APM
    Advanced Power Management
  4. DMA
    Direct Memory Access
  5. FTP
    File Transfer Protocol
  6. HTTP
    HyperText Transfer Protocol
  7. LUN
    Logical Unit Number
  8. NFS
    Network File System
  9. GIMP
    GNU Image Manipulation Program
  10. GNOME
    GNU Object Model Environment
  11. PID
    Process Identifier
  12. CUPS
    Common Unix Printing System
  13. GID
    Group Identifier
  14. LPD
    Line Printer Daemon
  15. UID
    User Identifier
  16. RPM
    Red Hat Package Manager
  17. CIDR
    Classless InterDomain Routing
  18. FQDN
    Fully Qualified Domain Name
  19. ISP
    Internet Service Provider
  20. PING
    Packet INternet Groper
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