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  1. What software can you use to display a process tree that shows how procss relate, yielding more info than given by Task Mngr?
    Use Process Explorer @ Microsoft Technet
  2. Guest acct is disabled by default—how do you verify account’s still disabled?
    • Cntrl Panel, click Add/remove user accounts in the User Accounts & Family Safety Group.
    • In the list of accts, verify Guest acct is turned off.
  3. What’s the diff btwn:
    BIOS supervisor passwd,
    BIOS user password,
    & drive lock password?
    • Bios supervisor password- power-on password, required to change BIOS setup
    • Bios User password- required to use system/view BIOS setup
    • Drive-lock password- required to access the hard drive (stored on hard drive so it will still control access to drive in the event the drive is removed from comptr & installed on another systm)
  4. What should you do if the boot sectors are infected or damaged on a Windows 7 computer?
    Use command bootrec/fixmbr to repair MBR.

    Use bootrec/fixboot to repair OS boot record.
  5. 2 ways to lock a computer in Win7.
    • Windows key+ L
    • Cntrl+Alt+Delete
  6. 3 methods of authentic'n avail for BitLocker encryption, & describe what’s required for ea.
    1. Computr authentic'n-TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip holds Bitlocker encryption key

    2. User Authent'n-startup key can be installed on a flash drive, but this must be installed before computer boots

    3. Computer & User Authentic'n- PIN/ password can be required @ every startup in addit'n to TPM
  7. List the 11-step process for attacking malware
    • 1. Identify Malware Symtpoms
    • 2. Quarantine an infected system
    • 3. Run AV Software
    • 4. Run adware or spyware removal software
    • 5. Purge restore points
    • 6. Clean up what’s left behind
    • 7. Dig deeper to find Malware Processes
    • 8. Remove rootkits
    • 9. Repair Boot blocks
    • 10. Enable System protection
    • 11. Protect against malicious software
  8. 3 user names used by legitimate Win core processes.
    System, Network Service, or Local Service
  9. What does svchost.exe do?  What is the path to svchost.exe?
    • It manages each process executed by DLL.
    • C:WindowsSystem32
  10. Why is it more secure to require a user to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log on rather than displaying the Windows Welcome screen?
    Malware can sometimes display a false welcome screen to trick users into providing user account passwords.
  11. What is layered protection, and why is it important?
    • Layered protection uses multiple types of firewalls:
    • Hardware network firewall
    • Software firewall “corporate firewall”- stands between the Internet & network to protect the network
    • Personal firewall “host firewall” –software installed to protect computer from attacks over the Internet
    • & also from other computers on same network
    • Layered protection is the best protection from attack.
  12. Which window in Cntrl panel used to require a Win passwd to wake up a sleeping computer?
    Power Opt'ns
  13. 2 tools can be used to reset a Windows password for another user when using windows 7 Home premium?
    netplwiz / Cntrl panel
  14. Why is PINE963$&apple not a strong password?
    2common words from the dictionary ("PINE" and "apple"). This only leaves the "963$&" to be guessed. Which would not be difficult in a password cracking program.
  15. Which link in the Windows Firewall window allows you to add a port to the list of exceptions allowed through the Firewall?
    Advanced settings
  16. Which policy in Group Policy must be enabled before you can monitor failed attempts at logging onto a windows system?
    Audit Logon events.
  17. Hardware component needed to set 
    BitLocker Encryption to authentic8 the computer?
    TPM (Trusted Platform Module).
  18. Win utility used to Δ  name of the built-in Administr acct?
    Group policy utility
  19. What device can be installed on a laptop to prevent shoulder surfing?
    privacy screen
  20. Type of biometric data considered most secure?
    retinal scanning
  21. 2 best ways to protect a computer / network against worms?
    Antivirus Software & firewall
  22. Best tool used to find out purpose of program that is running a system?
    the web, especially Microsoft websites
  23. What software can you use to display prcss tree that shows how processes relate, yielding more info than given by Task Mngr?
    Process Explorer
  24. What must you do to allow AV software to scan and delete malware it might find in the data storage area where restore points are kept?
    turn off System Protection & run AV software
  25. Folder used by Win to hold restore pts?
    System Volume Information folder
  26. What registry key keeps info about services that run when computer is booted in Safe Mode?
  27. Why is it helpful to run AV software in Safe Mode?

    In Safe Mode, a virus might not load that is keeping the AV software from working/from detecting the virus.
  28. Which Antispyware software is embedded in Win7?
    Windows Defender
  29. 1st thing you should do when you discover a computer is infected with malware?
    immed. disconnect network cable/ turn off wireless adapter
  30. Best way to determine if an email msg warning about a virus is a hoax?
    • Go to one of the following sites to debunk a virus/email hoax:
  31. Define & explain diff btwn a virus, worm,  & trojan.
    virus- replicates itself by attaching itself to other programs & these programs must be executed for the virus to run

    • worm-program that copies itself throughout a netwrk/Internet w/o a host progrm.
    • will overload the netwrk as it replicates, & can hijack/install a server program such as a web server.
    • trojan- program disguises itself as legitimate software/user is tricked into opening an e-mail attachmt.
  32. Tool best used when destroying data on SSD drive? Where can you get this tool?
    Secure Erase utility, you can download it from manu. of device
  33. Which is better to destroy sensitive data on a hard drive, low level format, drill,/degausser?
    • If hard drive is magnetic, a degausser.
    • The best is actually to use a secure data-destruction service.
  34. Type of emp badge not swiped by a card reader to allow employee through door?
    RFID badge
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