Chapter 5 11/18/13

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  1. What is an environment?
    The things both living & non living that surround a living thing.
  2. What is an ecosystem?
    The living & non living things that interact in an enivornment
  3. What is a population?
    A group of organism of the same kind that live in the same place.
  4. What is an community?
    All the population of organisms that live in an ecosystem at the same time.
  5. What is a habitat?
    The place where a population lives in an ecosystem.
  6. What is the definition of hibernate?
    To go into a sleep like state for winter.
  7. What is the definition of camouflage?
    Color, patterns and shapes that disguises an animal and helps it hide.
  8. What definition of resource?
    A material that is found in nature that is used by living things.
  9. What is the definition of desert?
    An ecosystem that is very dry.
  10. What is the definition of grassland?
    A dry an often flat area that is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.The main plants that are found in this ecosystem are grasses.
  11. What is the definition of forest?
    An ecosystem in which many trees grow.
  12. What is definition of adaptation?
    Any trail that helps a plant or animal survive.
  13. What is the definition of instinct?
    A behavior that an animal knows with out being taught.
  14. What is the definition of migrate?
    To travel from one place to another and back again
  15. What is the definition of mimicry?
    Imitating the look of another animal
  16. Identify the six different types of ecosystem.
    • 1. grassland
    • 2. tundra
    • 3. forest
    • 4. desert
    • 5. salt water
    • 6. fresh water
  17. Describe a grassland?
    It's a dry and often flat area that is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
  18. Describe a tundra?
    It's a cold and snowy place.
  19. Describe a forest?
    An ecosystem in which many trees grow.
  20. Describe a desert?
    A dry place. Where plant don't long roots. Because they have to absorb the water quickly when it's available.
  21. Describe a salt water ecosystem?
    The water is very salty tasting. Animals such as sharks, sea turtles, coral and octopods are all ocean animals. Organisms that live in the ocean need salt water to survive. Things that live within this ecosystem would not survive in fresh water.
  22. Describe a fresh water ecosystem?
    This water is safe for us to drink. Many animals cane live in this ecosystem
  23. What are the 3 types of forest?
    • 1. coniferous forest *most plants here have cones on them
    • 2. deciduous forest * these plants lose their leaves in the fall
    • 3. rain forest *this is a hot and wet forest
  24. Name ways that ecosystems can be hurt/damaged and ways that they can be helped
    Cut down trees to make house, if we chop down all the trees the beavers can't make a home to live.
  25. What are four way animals survive / adapt in their ecosystems?
    • hibernate
    • migrate
    • mimicry
    • camouflage
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