Human Muscles Part 2

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  1. Number 1 acts as a whole prime mover of arm abduction; flexion, extension, and rotation of humerus

  2. Number 2 is a powerful forearm extensor
    Triceps brachii

  3. Number 3 is flexion (powerful) of elbow and supination of forearm
    Biceps brachii

  4. Number 4 extends knee and flexes thigh at hip
    Rectus femoris

  5. Number 5 extends and stabilizes knee
    Vastus lateralis

  6. Number 6 extends knee; stabilizes patella
    Vastus medialis

  7. Number 7 extends knee
    Vastus intermedius (covered by Rectus femoris)

  8. Number 8 prime mover of dorsiflexion
    Tibialis anterior

  9. Number 9 draws scapula forward and inferiorly when ribs are fixed; with scapula fixed, draws rib cage superiorly
    Pectoralis minor

  10. Number 10 prime arm mover of arm flexion; with arm fixed pulls chest upward
    Pectoralis major

  11. Number 11 flexes and rotates vertebral column; increases abdominal pressure; stabilizes pelvis during walking
    Rectus abdominis

  12. Number 12 compresses abdominal wall; used in oblique curls
    External oblique

  13. Number 13 same as external oblique
    Internal oblique

  14. Number 14 compresses abdominal contents
    Transversus abdominis

  15. Number 15 flexes, abducts, and medially rotates thigh; steadies trunk
    Tensor fasciae latae

  16. Number 16 flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee

  17. Number 17 abducts thigh, flexes and medially rotates leg

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Human Muscles Part 2
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Human Muscles Diagram Part 2
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