Ecosystem Ecology Part 2

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  1. trophic levels
    • feeder level
    • a step in the movement of energy through an ecosystem
  2. trophic level 4
    • tertiary consumer
    • top carnivore
    • e.g., coyote
  3. trophic level 3
    • secondary consumer
    • small carnivore
    • e.g., shrew
  4. trophic level 2
    • herbivore
    • e.g., grasshopper
  5. trophic level 1
    • primary producer
    • e.g., plants
  6. food chain
    • the series of organisms, from each trophic level, that feed on eachother
    • easy to visualize, but not realistic
  7. food web
    the diagramatic representation of actual interactions among trophic levels
  8. primary production
    the amount of organic matter produced from solar energy
  9. gross primary production (GPP)
    the total organic matter produced from solar energy
  10. net primary production (NPP)
    amount of organic matter available for heterotrophs
  11. secondary productivity
    the rate of production by heterotrophs
  12. interactions among trophic levels
    • trophic cascades
    • -top down
    • -bottom up
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