Turbine Engines 1-2, De-icing & Anti-icing

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  2. What is the purpose of an air inlet duct?
    Channel incoming air to compressor with least possible energy loss.
  3. Centrifugal-flow is named for...
    Its manner of air processing.
  4. What is a characteristic of a Centrifugal-flow engine?
    Flow of air is turned 90° and accelerated outward by centrifugal action.
  5. Axial-flow is named for...
    Named after manner in which air moves thru compressor.
  6. What are 4 advantages of an Axial-flow engine?
    • High peak efficiencies
    • Small frontal area for given airflow
    • Straight thru flow - High ram efficiency
    • increased pressure rise by increasing number of stages
  7. What are 5 disadvantages of an Axial-flow engine?
    • Good efficiency only over a narrow rotational speed range
    • difficulty of manufacture and high cost
    • relatively high weight
    • high starting power requirements
    • very susceptible to FOD
  8. Severe Stalls are also known as? and can dramatically?
    • Hung stalls.
    • degrade engine output and can cause permanent damage and even catastrophic engine failure.
  9. What are the 2 types of igniter plugs?
    • Annular-gap or Long reach plug
    • Constrained-gap plug
  10. What are 3 characteristics of Annular-gap or Long reach plugs?
    • sticks deeper into combustion chamber liner
    • delivers spark directly into fuel/air mixture
    • required to withstand significantly higher energy
  11. What are 3 characteristics of Constrained-gap plugs?
    • Has lower operating temp
    • does not protect as far into combustion chamber lining
    • spark jumps into flowing fuel/air mixture
  12. What percent of total energy from an turbine goes into thrust?
    20% - 40%
  13. What percent of total energy from an turbine goes to drive compressor and accessories?
    60% - 80%
  14. The more accessories and equipment ran off an aircrafts turbine engine results in?
    • Less energy for thrust
    • Turbine extracts more kinetic energy from exhaust gases
  15. What are 4 characteristics of a fixed shaft?
    • Shaft goes directly to compressor and then to reduction gear box and prop shaft
    • provides instantaneous power response
    • provides controlled descents - no windmilling overspeed
    • provides rapid reverse thrust
  16. What are 5 characteristics of a free turbine
    • 2 turbine wheels
    • better control of prop speed
    • easier engine starting
    • low prop speed during taxiing
    • prop can be stopped without shutting down engine
  17. reverse thrust provides up to what percent of breaking power?
  18. most systems are capable of creating what percent of rated engine thrust in reverse direction?
  19. What are the 3 basic types or engine starting systems?
    • Electric motor
    • Air turbine
    • Combustion
  20. De-icing and Anti-icing systems are intended to?
    Give pilot some options in situation where icing exists.
  21. When should a pilot activate the De-icing system?
    after about 1/2" of ice builds up, for maximum effectiveness.
  22. A pneumatic de-icing system us used to remove ice from where?
    ice that accumulated on the leading edge of a wing
  23. Premature aging is caused by?
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