C1 Postures and Cues

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    • Balasana
    • Child's Pose

    • Open Your Knees Wide, Toes Touch
    • Seat Your Hips On Your Heels
    • Extend Your Arms Forward, Palms Flat
    • Drop Your Forhead to the Mat
    • Adho Mukha Svasana
    • Downward Facing Dog

    • Glue Your Feet to the Mat, Legs Straight
    • Raise Your Hips to the Sky
    • Press Your Chest towards Your Thighs, Palms Flat
    • Relax your Neck
    • Uttanasana
    • Ragdoll

    • Place Your Feet Hip Width Distance
    • Fold Forward from Your Hips, Relax Your Upper Body
    • Grab Opposite Elbows
    • Allow Your Head to Hang
    • Samasthiti
    • Attention

    • Connect Your Toes, Heels an Inch Apart
    • Engage Your Core
    • Join Your Palms Together at Heart Center
    • Shift Your Shoulder Blades In and Down Your Spine
    • Tadasana
    • Mountain Pose

    • Offer Your Hands to the Sky, Biceps by Your Ears
    • Rotate Your Pinkies Inward
    • Anchor Shoulders Down and Back
    • Uttanasana
    • Standing Forward Bend

    • Relax Your Spine and Neck
    • Pull Your Body Into Your Thighs
    • Ardha Uttanasana
    • Halfway Lift

    • Slide Your Palms Up Your Shins
    • Flatten Your Spine, From Your Tailbone to Your Neck

    • Chaturanga Dandasana
    • High to Low Plank

    • Align Your Hands Directly Under Your Shoulders
    • Create One Line of Energy From Your Head to Your Heels
    • Hinge Forward
    • Lower Halfway, Lock Your Elbows to Your Sides
    • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
    • Upward Facing Dog

    • Untuck Your Toes, Tops of your Feet to the Mat
    • Keep Your Knees Lifted
    • Shine Your Heart Forward
    • Utkatasana
    • Chair Pose

    • Position Your Arms In Mountain Pose
    • Sit Your Hips Down and Back, Bend at the Knees
    • Tilt Your Pelvis Forward
    • Transfer Your Weight Into Your Heels, Be Able To See Your Toes
    • Virabhaddrasana 2
    • Warrior 2

    • Aim Your Front Foot Forward
    • Spin Your Back Foot Parallel to the Back of Your Mat
    • Bend Your Front Leg to 90-Degrees, Back Leg Straight
    • Point Your Hands Forward and Backward, Gaze Over Your Front Fingers
    • Utthita Parsvakonasana
    • Extended Side Angle

    • Maintain the Bend in Your Front Leg
    • Fuse Your Front Elbow to Your Front Thigh
    • Reach Your Back Arm to the Sky, Your Eyes Follow
    • Parivrtta Virabhadrasana
    • Reverse Warrior

    • Lock Your Legs in Same Position
    • Tip Your Back Hand to Your Back Thigh
    • Elongate Your Front Side Body, Reach Your Hand Up and Back
  1. Supta Baddha Konasana

    • Bring The Soles of your Feet Together, Knees Open Wide
    • Fingers Behind Ears
    • Inhale, lengthen Spine
    • Exhale, Lift Shoulder Blades of the Mat
  2. Bicycle Sit Ups

    • Bring Knees to Reverse Table Top
    • Knees Over Hips
    • Fingers Behind Ears
    • Extend Left Leg Long, Hover it 2 inches above mat
    • Exhale, Left Elbow to Right Knee
    • Inhale, Center
    • Exhale, Switch
    • Navasana
    • Boat Pose

    • Place Hands Underneath Thighs
    • Barley touch toes to mat
    • Left Heart and Straighten Spine
    • Reach Arms Forward
    • (Layer 2)
    • Lift Shins Parallel to Mat
    • (Layer 3)
    • Straighten Legs
    • (Layer 4)
    • Smile
    • Anjaneyasana
    • Crescent Lunge

    • Feet Hip-Width Distance
    • Front Knee Over Ankle
    • Tadasana/Mountain Pose Arms
    • Hips Square
    • Drive Heel Backward
    • Parivrtta Anjaneyasana
    • Revolved Crescent Lunge

    • Palms to Heart Center
    • Hinge Forward
    • Left Elbow to the Outside of the Right Thigh
  3. Runner's Lunge

    • Palms to the Inside of the Front Leg
    • Heel-Toe Front Foot to the Outside of the Mat
    • Back Knee to the Mat
    • Vasisthasana
    • Side Plank

    • Left Arm is Your Foundation
    • Roll To the Blade Edge of Your Feet
    • Right Arm to the Sky
    • Gaze Over Extended Arm
    • Raise Hips
    • Parivrtta Utkatasana
    • Prayer Twist

    • Hands to Heart Center
    • Hinge Forward
    • Left Elbow to the Outside of the Right Thigh
    • Gaze to the Sky
    • Padahastasana
    • Gorilla Pose

    • Feet Hip-Width Distance
    • One at a Time, Bring your Palms Under Your Feet
    • Toes Touch Your Wrists
    • Bakasana
    • Crow Pose

    • Hands Shoulder-Width Distance
    • Fingers Spread Wide
    • Knees Above Elbow, to Tricep, or to Armpits
    • Gaze Six-Inches in front of Hands
    • Hinge Forward
    • Garudasana
    • Eagle Pose

    • Swing Right Arm Under Left
    • Double Wrap the Arms, Palm to Palm
    • OR Grab Opposite Shoulders
    • Bring Right Leg Over Left, Double Wrap, OR Kickstand
    • Knees and Elbows on your Center Line
    • Natarajasana
    • Dancer's Pose

    • Right Elbow to Hip, Palm Up
    • Bend Right Knee and Capture Right Foot, Hitch-Hiker Thumb
    • Squeeze Thighs Together
    • Kick Into Hand, Reach Forward, Equal Kick to Hinge
    • Vrksasana
    • Tree Pose

    • Hands to Heart Center
    • Place Right Foot to Ankle, Calf, or Inner Thigh
    • Open your Hip
    • Virabhadrasana 1
    • Warrior 1

    • Back Foot at a 45 Degree Angle
    • Heel to Heel Alighnment
    • Square Hips to the Front
    • Tadasana/Mountain Pose Arms
    • Trikonasana
    • Triangle Pose

    • Straighten Front Leg
    • Shift Hips Back, Reach Forward
    • Front Hand to Shin, Back hand to Sky, gaze Up
    • Prasarita Padottanasana
    • Standing Straddle Bend

    • Feet Parallel
    • Arms to a T
    • With a Flat Spin, Hinge at Hips, Bring Head to Mat
    • Hands to the Mat, or Grab Ankles/Calves
  4. Bound Prasarita

    • Interlock Fingers Behind Back
    • Open Chest
    • Hinge forward at Hips
    • Bring Clasped Hands Forward
    • Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
    • Half Pigeon

    • Bring Right Shin Parallel to the top of the Mat
    • Right Knee to Right Wrist, Right Ankle to Left Wrist
    • Walk Hands to Waist, Puff out Chest
    • Hinge Forward, Bringing Forward to the Mat/Hands
    • Bhujangasana
    • Cobra Pose

    • Hands Under Shoulders
    • Gaze at the Mat
    • Exhale all Air
    • Lift Chest Up and Forward
    • Tops of Feet Pressing into the Mat
    • Little to No Weight in Hands
    • Dhanurasana
    • Bow Pose

    • Knees Hip-Width Distance
    • Arms at your Sides
    • Grap the Top of your Feet from the Outside
    • Kick into Your Hands and Lift Your Chest
    • Roll Onto Soft Part of Your Belly
    • Ustrasana
    • Camel Pose

    • Stand on Knees, Hip-Width Distance
    • Bring Hands to Imaginary Back Pockets, Fingers Down
    • Elbows In, Heart Open
    • Gaze Back Along Ceiling, Hips Forward
    • Setu Bandhasana
    • Bridge Pose
    • Paschimottanasana
    • Seated Forward Fold
    • Ananda Balasana
    • Happy Baby Pose
    • Jathara Parivartanasana
    • Supine Twist
    • Savasana
    • Corpse Pose

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